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FOLDING HANDLE Truvox International

The daily routine of polishing hard floors isn’t a chore when your burnisher rapidly produces high-quality results with minimal effort.

The Orbis UHS 1500 is an ultra high-speed, single disc burnisher designed to ensure operators achieve high productivity with ease.

Redesigned in 2015, this machine delivers exceptional handling and efficient straight-line cleaning and polishing of hard floors.

Manufactured in the UK to the high standards of Truvox International, the Orbis UHS 1500 is delivered pre-assembled, ready for use. The unit’s folding handle also makes for easy storage, and it is adjustable for operator comfort, through long shifts.

Operating at 1,500rpm to produce a high-gloss/shine, the flexi-drive plate ensures uniform pad contact and a superior finish. Its centre- guided wheel allows up-to-the-edge burnishing, while the lower profile of the highly manoeuvrable Orbis UHS 1500 makes more areas accessible.

Available in two working widths – 43cm or 50cm – the burnisher uses a passive suction system to collect dust in a 1-litre recyclable fabric filter bag. An optional HEPA or active high-filtration vacuum is also available.

A dual-handed safety interlock and dead man’s switch enhance the user’s safety.

The Orbis UHS 1500’s combination of ease of use and powerful output makes it a popular choice for a wide range of settings from food processing plants and hospitals to supermarkets and airport concourses.

OZTEK Traffik

Oztek is a fast cleaning system for both carpeted and hard flooring that wipes clean carpet fibres and floor surfaces from all angles, oscillating dirt and contaminates from fibres and surfaces, removing soil which traditional methods will simply not be capable of. The Oztek opens and restores carpet pile fast and efficiently – leaving it looking like new and odour free.

Oztek can not only provide outstanding results for in-house cleaning staff but for contract cleaners too. It can completely revolutionise the way they work, saving time to expand their business, to reduce labour costs and to take on larger, more demanding projects that with traditional systems wouldn’t have been possible.

Oztek is genuinely a new standard for carpet and floor cleaning, using industry leading Oscillation Technology from the team that first developed the concept 28 years ago and which now challenges the ordinary by providing carpets that are not only deep cleaned but certifiably clean. This is an area that the team behind the development of the Oztek system for the UK have placed huge importance upon, in reaction to the demands from a growing number of businesses who are taking a fresh look at their cleaning processes and choosing to eliminate toxins, boost employee health and safety, and provide an excellent environment for staff and clients alike. 22 | VOTE NOW

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