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The Obex product range offers highly effective, comprehensive modular entrance solutions designed as a three-zone barrier system to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the building.

Quadrus is Milliken’s latest Obex product and is a modular entrance tile system that creates a stunning ambience in a space that must also deal with an active world and create a barrier against the elements.

Designed to provide a superior combination of performance and aesthetics, the econyl dual-fibre polyamide yarn and open textile construction will stop dirt and moisture at the door, while allowing easy removal during maintenance.

Quadrus is offered in two contemporary designs, Comet and Star, available in eight colourations to create the perfect balance of design and function. Its patterns and colours can be customised, and standard colours coordinate with the Obex Prior and Forma modular grid system.

Obex does what you are paying for: it collects and hides the dirt at the entryway, decreasing the cost of cleaning frequency, maintenance and premature replacement of floorcoverings.

All Obex products have a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a five-year wear guarantee. Obex is installed in the most demanding locations such as airports and large shopping centres, receiving up to 95 million people per year.

As part of the Milliken Floor Covering Division, Milliken Mats operates as a global provider of textile mats and matting systems.


The OmniFlex AutoVac is a high performance floor cleaning machine that’s 3-4 times faster than a mop, but instead of spreading soils, it actually removes them completely from the floor surface. In fact, it even cleans as well and as fast as most walk-behind and rider auto scrubbers – at a fraction of the cost.

A very simple approach to cleaner, safer floors, this system is designed for high speed cleaning of hard surface areas, such as entranceways, aisles, hallways, cafeterias, lobbies, warehouses, fitness areas, washrooms and more. It’s also unmatched for on-the-go cleaning tasks like picking up spills and weather-related debris, like salt, mud and excess water.

In comparative tests performed by a major university, a brand new microfibre mop removed up to 50.9% of targeted soil. The AutoVac system removed up to 99.8%, which was slightly better than an autoscrubber, which removed up to 99.4%.

For most, the economics are the most compelling advantage. Its initial purchase price is 70% to as much as 90% less than an equivalently sized auto scrubber. Training costs are virtually eliminated while productivity soars. Plus, in the rare occasion of a breakdown, it can be repaired in minutes with no technicians or tools. It’s also gentle on floors and finishes, helping to prolong finish life and reduce refinishing cycles.

AutoVac is available in both battery-powered and corded models for the ultimate in flexibility. Operators can switch between power options in seconds for the best of both worlds. VOTE NOW| 21

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