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SC100 Nilfisk

Nilfisk have launched the new SC100, the first small, upright scrubber dryer designed for effective cleaning in hard to reach areas.

The Nilfisk SC100 is a small upright scrubber dryer machine designed for effective cleaning of compact areas that have been traditionally cleaned with manual methods.

The SC100 is easy to use, lift and transport; it also offers a high cleaning

performance at an attractive price. The machine is therefore ideal for small retail and hospitality outlets, schools, hotels and home use.

The new machine can also be supplied with an optional kit for smaller carpets and spot cleaning. Machine operation is fast and comfortable due to its two-handed ergonomic handle. Cleaning under furniture and shelves is made easy by tilting the handle to an almost horizontal position.

Controlling the cleaning process is made simple by the touch display with two water settings and a solution indicator alerting the user when the solution tank is empty. For added convenience, the machine automatically stops when parked in an upright position

The SC100 offers 15 minutes of continuous scrubbing and drying on one tank. The cleaning performance is ensured by a 31cm cylindrical brush or microfibre roll, together with a 3l solution tank and a 4l recovery tank. The machine can be used in both directions as suction squeegees are located both before and after the brush. Superior water pick up leaves the area dry and available for use immediately.

Durability and cleaning efficiency are supported by a strong aluminum chassis, and the design provides for easy and fast daily maintenance.


Kimberly-Clark Professional

The SCOTT MAX Rolled Hand Towel System from Kimberly-Clark Professional offers more hand dries per roll than any other system on the market. It significantly reduces run-outs – resulting in greater efficiency for FM teams and contract cleaners as well as a better experience for washroom users. Additionally, it provides critical hand towel availability to sectors with rigorous hand hygiene compliance including healthcare and food processing.

At 350m long, with 1,400 sheets per roll, the SCOTT MAX System significantly reduces the need for replenishing, leading to fewer complaints and better user satisfaction levels. In a typical office, 40% of a cleaning operative’s time is spent cleaning washrooms and 17% of that time is spent refilling dispensers. In addition Facility Managers spend more than 50% of any given working day on operational issues, much of which is dealing with complaints.

Made using AIRFLEX Fabric* Technology, SCOTT MAX Rolled Hand Towels absorb water faster than conventional paper towels. Towels have a soft, textile-like feel and appearance, with superior absorbency and strength and do not break up when wet. Hand drying is quick and effective, helping to reduce towel usage and waste.

The dispenser offers high performance levels with a sleek design, characterised by one-wipe clean and no dirt trap features allowing faster cleaning and reduced servicing times. Furthermore, cross-contamination between users is reduced due the SCOTT MAX System’s single sheet dispensing feature. VOTE NOW| 25

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