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Disposables UK, part of the Northwood Group, has launched an innovative new Bay West dispenser system for the away-from-home market.

The Bay West Alliance Dispenser is unlike any other traditional roll towel dispenser as it accommodates two full rolls of towels, offering a new and unique hand-drying experience, superior to other systems available in the market.

The latest addition to Disposables UK’s Bay West range offers numerous benefits, including waste reduction, cost savings and infection control. The innovative Wave ‘n’ Dry technology automatically transfers to the second roll when the first is completely depleted, reducing waste and maintenance time and keeping high-traffic areas up and running.

The hands-free technology also reduces the risk of spreading infection as the dispenser is operated by passing the hand in front of the infra-red sensor, which triggers a measured amount of towel to be dispensed. In this way the user only touches their own towel.

Commenting on the new product range, Marketing Manager, Paul Mulready said: “Our customers look to us for new and innovative products and we are delighted to expand our Bay West range with the Alliance Dispenser. It’s a first in the market and gives customers a range of added value benefits including waste reductions and cost saving.”

BREAK UP Premiere Products

One of Premiere Products’ smart products, Break Up is a gel-based product that harnesses the power of natural orange oil to break down and remove a variety of sticky substances, from chewing gum, make- up and residue from adhesive labels, to silicone sealant, glue and grease or oil stains.

The initial concept behind the development of Break Up was to formulate an alternative to traditional CO2

freeze spray chewing gum removers

following the shift in the market to sugar-free gum. Unfortunately while gum high in sugar content is easily removable using a freeze spray, given that the sugar is a significant part of what ultimately becomes frozen, sugar-free alternatives are not so simply removed via the same method. By contrast though, an orange oil based product in the right format such as Break Up, works effortlessly.

Since its launch however, Premiere have learned that Break Up is hugely effective in removing a very wide range of ‘problem’ soil types from hard surfaces and soft furnishings alike and the fact that it is Woolsafe approved makes it almost universally usable.

In fact this realisation of the product’s broader capabilities caused a change in packaging design in order that those capabilities are reflected.

It would not be a million miles from the truth to say that there is something of a mantra at Premiere; “Where nothing else works, try Break Up!” 8 | VOTE NOW

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