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The Hefter Cleantech Ride-on FS112 exploits several patented technologies to maximise flexibility and agility for the most efficient mechanical floor cleaning.

Hefter scrubber dryers use a series of patented systems to extend the productivity of the machine that is the mainstay of floor cleaning in many buildings. The Variotech system allows the machine to adjust its cleaning width automatically, so that the scrubber dryer passes seamlessly through narrow and large areas, while also cleaning thoroughly under obstacles such as shelving, and therefore reducing the need for manual cleaning.

Turnado technology allows the scrubber dryer head to turn through up to 360°. This means the FS112 can work in all directions, even backwards, cleaning right into the tightest corner and around machinery and obstructions. No other Ride-On scrubber dryer has this flexibility or cleaning ability.

The FS112 also has the Hefter Cleantech quick-change battery system for fast turnaround when the machine is in continuous use. The precision-engineered stainless steel chassis has a ten-year guarantee. This robust reliability along with Hefter’s innovative time and labour- saving technologies reduce the cost of use and ensure a significant return on investment.

A wide range of buildings – from factories, warehouses and supermarkets to hospitals and sports facilities – stand to benefit from these capabilities to boost productivity without compromising high cleaning performance, according to Rawlins and Hefter Cleantech.

i-MOP i-mop Revolutionary Cleaning

The patented i-mop combines the two most frequently used floor cleaning systems in a unique way. The flexibility, ease and accessibility of flat floor mops is combined with the area cleaning capability and quality of a professional scrubber dryer.

With a minimum of effort the i-mop seems to float over the floor. The two counter-rotating brushes, running at approximately 350rpm, ensure a comfortable drive speed and squeaky-clean floors, and you can easily steer through curves and/or U-turns with a flip of your wrist. The i-mop actually glides over the floor more easily than a 40cm flat floor mop. Despite its power, the i-mop is easily portable, and can be carried up a staircase in one hand.

A working width of more than 46cm translates into a massive cleaning area capacity; theoretically 1,300-1,900m2 speed, but 1,000-1,200m2

depending on the running under practical conditions. The i-mop features

brush pressure of 22kg, vacuum technology with a friction-free intake hose dries the floors, highest quality LG Li-ion batteries which provide one hour or above runtime on all types of hard floors and offer a one hour recharge time – and changing the battery takes just seconds with an innovative click-on, click-off design. VOTE NOW| 17

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