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VCSD-03 Vax Commercial

The brand new VCSD-03 Hard Floor Spot Washer from Vax Commercial introduces the brand’s new cordless technology into the commercial environment.

It is designed for cleaning hard floors in restaurants, kitchens, washrooms and retail lobbies, where accidental spills or ‘floods’ can occur. It’s a versatile and more hygienic alternative to the traditional mop and bucket; putting down clean water as well as instantly extracting dirty water or spills into a separate tank, whilst also scrubbing floors.

Lightweight and compact, it takes up the same footprint as a mop and bucket, so it’s easy to store in small cupboards. The Lithium-ion battery has a 25 minute runtime, and as it comes with a second battery, you can clean for 50 minutes without the need to charge. This means the VCSD- 03 is a 'quick grab' solution when presented with accidental spills.

Its unique SpinScrub brushes help to remove stubborn stains, mimicking the natural motion of a hand scrub, without you having to be on hands and knees. You get three of these in different colours, so you can use a different brush in each area.

There's also no need to worry about disturbing customers or employees, as the VCSD-03 boasts a low noise level of <75dB(A), meaning it is no problem to use during the day.

Vax Commercial has a simple mission – to make cleaning easier. Through their comprehensive range of products, hassle-free support and after-sales care, they strive to meet their customers’ needs every step of the way.


Zybax Ultra is the ultimate odour eliminator and multi-purpose cleaner concentrate. With a powerful two-strike odour action, Zybax Ultra combines the proven action of Zybax bacteria with brand new Odourbond, all in a completely safe, eco-friendly package. Zybax Ultra is guaranteed to work, even on stubborn odours.

Instant action Odourbond uses specially formulated odour-bonding reagents to attack odours on a molecular level; changing the structure so you can no longer smell them. It is highly effective against a huge variety of odours ranging from urine, cigarette smoke and refuse to faeces, vomit and sour milk. Once Odourbond has got to work, Zybax friendly bacteria start to multiply, releasing enzymes and breaking down any organic matter and removing the cause of the odour – therefore eliminating the source of the problem.

Zybax Ultra uses specially developed cleaners that are tough on grease, dirt and stubborn soiling – cleaning and removing dirt deposits. Zybax Ultra is a low foam product that can be used in carpet shampooers and can also be used in a mop and bucket or trigger spray for spot cleaning. Once the Odourbond, bacteria and cleaning actions have worked, Zybax will leave a fresh mint fragrance; giving total confidence and satisfaction that any area is clean, odour-free and fresh. 30 | VOTE NOW

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