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If your business has special wiping needs then it needs specialist wiping products.

If however, the wiping needs are less critical and fall into the more usual categories, then the Perform Wiping range was developed with your business in mind. Wiping is generally not complicated.

There are really only four major categories, mopping spills, preparing surfaces, cleaning tools and equipment and polishing. Of course the nature of what’s been spilt, whether or not solvents are being used in the surface preparation, if the machines are or are not covered in grease and just how valuable the item being polished is, do all have a direct bearing on which wiper is the most appropriate for the task. Key wiper attributes include absorbency, durability, bulk, low linting, solvent resistance, non- abrasion and heat resistance, but not all wipers need all those features and not all wiping tasks need them either.

The trick is to match wiper to task and when that is fully understood, then not over nor under specifying the wiper requirement is relatively uncomplicated. Bags of rags may at first sight look to be the most convenient well-established wiping solution. However, the lack of consistency in the product may be costing the business dear.

Varying rags deliver varying quality. The Perform range delivers consistent quality using the minimum amount to maximum effect. Perform, a wiping range that makes the wiping purchasing decision a whole lot easier.

POOVAC Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment

Everybody knows that dog is man’s best friend, but cleaning up after one can be an unpleasant and unsanitary task. The Poovac, developed and engineered by Trafalgar, is here to make poop patrol quicker and more hygienic. A battery-powered vacuum cleaner specially designed to collect pet mess from the garden, the Poovac is set to transform the way we keep our gardens clean.

Unlike other poop scoops on the market, the Poovac uses a rechargeable battery to suck the mess straight into a biodegradable bag. The lightweight and cordless design makes it suitable for all size gardens, and it works perfectly on pavements, gravel, decking or lawns – without damaging the grass.

Ergonomically designed to work just below the waist height, the upright feature of the Poovac will greatly reduce the need to bend over. It is a robust and effective product that has been designed for all breeds and sizes of dog, from a poodle to a great dane.

Poovac is the safest and most easy-to-use solution on the market. It eliminates dirty shovels, and the waste never touches the unit or your hands, making it easy to keep your garden a germ-free place.

When you’re not cleaning up after your dog, the Poovac can also double up as a lightweight leaf blower, simply by removing the suction unit by releasing the clips at the top of the unit. VOTE NOW| 23

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