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APERTURE IRREMOVABLE CAP Aperture Irremovable Closures

The Aperture cap closure works in a very different way to current cap designs – cap closures in production and in use to date, are designed to re-open after being attached to a container. The significance of Aperture cap closure is that once fastened to a container, it cannot be re-opened, detached or removed.

Generally container and dispenser combinations do not provide for the acceptance of ‘universal’ tube vacuum dispensing devices and if so they are complex and expensive to use.

The Aperture Cap invention provides a universal, simple solution to the dispensing of liquids that need to be extracted from containers in controlled quantities. It can readily and securely be adapted for the acceptance of universal tube dispensing devices.

The aperture closure allows a tube to be inserted through its aperture to extract the liquid contents from within a container, and it also prevents the traditional problem of ‘free pouring’, only allowing the extraction of the liquid concentrates by way of dispensation from a container.

Aperture’s single component and colour-coded design has various mechanisms that can be configured in a range of shapes and sizes for multiple uses. Its pre-use seal ensures safety in transportation and storage, eliminating the requirement for additional caps or seals and the simple replacement of the standard cap eliminates the complexity and cost of changing the production process of innovative packaging for dispenser and chemical dilution systems.

B 95 RS Kärcher

Kärcher’s B 95 RS Step-On Scrubber Dryer combines innovative technologies transferred from other Kärcher machines ranges, including energy-saving eco!efficiency mode, environmentally and financially prudent DOSE detergent measuring system, error-proofing KIK colour- coded key system and time-saving Auto-Fill tank filling system.

Packed with practical features, the operator’s clear view of the working area ensures highly efficient cleaning. Step-on machines offer extreme manoeuvrability and surprisingly compact turning circles making them infinitely suitable for areas such as shops, hospitals and care homes as well as contract cleaning.

In eco!efficiency mode, suitable for everyday cleaning, the B 95 RS adopts a lower turbine power, reduced cleaning agent consumption and a lower brush speed – cleaning more quietly and, due to reduced power and detergent usage, costing less to operate for longer.

With on-board detergent storage, the dosing system (DOSE) allows the operator to quickly and flexibly react to different types of soiling – even during use. Via the simple machine display, cleaning agent concentration can be adjusted automatically from 0.5% to 3%.

The KIK system (Kärcher Intelligent Key) uses colour-coded keys to ensure that operating parameters are predefined so that operating errors are virtually impossible.

Batteries can be recharged from any socket outlet with the built-in charger – no need for special charging stations. The Homebase Kit offers convenient hanging storage for brushes, cloths and personal items. The scrubber dryer can be individually configured to your environment with different squeegees, brush/disc heads or battery types. VOTE NOW| 7

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