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SYMMETRY DISPENSERS Buckeye International

Buckeye International are encouranging facilities managers and cleaning operatives around the world to utilise behavioral science to increase hand hygiene practices with unique tools based on six key tenets: Benevolence, Accountability, Responsibility, Variation, Emotion, and Direction.

Their Symmetry brand is firmly established as offering the most accepted hand hygiene products on the market. This is demonstrated regularly at any Symmetry Challenge. While their preferred products contribute significantly to increasing hand hygiene practices, they are one part of the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Programme. A complete programme is needed to maximise hand hygiene practices in your facility.

To further hand hygiene practices, Buckeye has introduced the Symmetry Behavior Modification System (SBMS). As the newest element of the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Programme, the goal of SBMS is to provide tools that capture attention in the moment, driving an immediate hand hygiene event to take place.

This year, St. Joseph’s Villa and St. Gabriel’s Villa nursing homes in Sudbury, Ontario improved their hand hygiene programme and reduced their overall expenses with the Symmetry programme. Since its introduction staff members at both facilities have commented on how Symmetry dispensers are very simple and easy to operate. They have also reduced their hand hygiene product costs by 30% since implementing the Symmetry programme.

Contact your local Buckeye representative to learn more about this unique program and how the Symmetry Behavioral Modification System can be implemented into your facility.


SWINGOBOT 1650 Diversey Care

The range of robotic cleaning machines launched by Diversey Care in 2015 is typified by the TASKI Intellibot SWINGOBOT 1650 scrubber dryer. This versatile machine enables Hands-Free Cleaning so that operatives can clean floors and other areas at the same time, doubling productivity and reducing costs.

The machine is activated with a unique icon-based touch-screen. It follows a pre-programmed routine autonomously until the whole floor is cleaned in the minimum time with no duplication. Sensors, sonars and infrared systems provide an all-round, 360° view to ensure the machine operates safely and efficiently within the designated working area and stops immediately if it encounters obstructions. It communicates with its operator and generates detailed performance and usage reports.

The 74cm working width, with rotary pad drives allowing various pad types to be used, enables the SWINGOBOT 1650 to clean areas efficiently in a single pass. Powerful batteries ensure it can operate for around four hours between charges and clean over 900m2

per hour.

While the robot is working autonomously, operatives who would previously have been confined to driving a conventional machine can use their time for other tasks, effectively doubling their productivity.

The machine uses standard cylindrical brushes and squeegees. Like all TASKI floorcare machines, service components are readily identified and easily accessible to simplify and encourage routine checks and maintenance tasks for life long reliability. VOTE NOW| 27

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