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Cleaning contractors face five major frustrations that hold back profit growth. These are: lack of budget control, especially within pay, holiday, national insurance and materials usage; inability to analyse profitability at job, site or client level; unwieldy and unreliable processes for managing and invoicing ad hoc work and consumables; duplication as a result of poor integration with accounts packages or reliance on MS-Excel; poor implementation of quality audits and therefore effective presentation of KPIs to clients.

The root of these problems is software packages that run different aspects of the business but don’t talk to each other. That makes it difficult to know how well the business is performing. How can you tell if you’re over budget for the monthly payroll if you can’t analyse the figures until after it has been run? How can you tell which sites are operating profitably if the data you need on different cost and revenue streams is held in three different systems? How can you review the quality scores on a multi-site contract for a client meeting if the results don’t reach the office for three weeks and then need to be keyed into a spreadsheet?

TemplaCMS resolves this problem by centralising all contract data in a single database and synchronising work done by Area Managers on their mobile devices with the central database every time they go online. The software’s business modules then use this single data resource to process and analyse your internal and external transactions in a consistent way, using a single accurate version of the data.


Morclean is launching for 2016 a new range of low flow, high pressure cleaning machines called Thermaflow. The range is water saving, with zero emissions and carbon footprint, and includes several features that Morclean believe are unique to the UK market.

There are 3 models within the Thermaflow Range: The STATION, the LOWFLOW and the CELL.

The Morclean Thermaflow STATION is a static high pressure cleaner, it features zero fumes, it is clean and emission free. The Thermaflow STATION is unique because the heat for the water is generated after the pump in thermal tubes. The Thermaflow will produce constant hot water at up to 80°C, equivalent to its diesel fired counterpart.

The Thermaflow LOWFLOW is a portable, all-electric, medium pressure machine. Again the unit is all electric so it is fume free, zero emissions and clean. The LOWFLOW machine works at 2.5-5 litres per minute flow rate, unlike traditional pressure washers which are diesel fired and operate at 15-21 litres per minute. The machine can be used indoors and is ideal for food, beverage, bakery or clinical environments where vapour steam cleaning can be too concentrated and time consuming.

The CELL is a battery driven pressure washer, the medium and high pressure machines are powered entirely from a battery, and they are both portable and quiet, fume free with zero emissions. 28 | VOTE NOW

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