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PROFESSIONAL PLUS Ideal Manufacturing

Ideal was founded in 1980 by Dr Mike Kalli, whose revolutionary principle to formulate the first ‘fully built’ powder detergent to boost laundry plant efficiency using new concepts in detergent chemistry soon established the company as a pioneer in British laundry chemical manufacture.

Nowadays, commercial laundry trends dictate the supply of a complicated range of specialist liquid detergents and ancillaries. However, with Professional Plus powder, Ideal is able to offer a single, comprehensive, modern and environmentally friendly laundry powder to guarantee incredible results, even at low temperatures.

Professional Plus replaces the plethora of chemicals that can cause problems with maintenance, space, stock holding, costing and accuracy of control. Professional Plus is a phosphate free, multi ingredient formulation – built for total professional laundry action, powerful cleaning and heavy stain removal.

Professional Plus is a free flowing powder for both manual and automatic feed through the Ideal Powder Injection System, designed as a single shot powder product for exceptional laundry results across the board.

With a cool, fresh fragrance, built-in oxidising agent, accelerated destainer as well as effective suspension and anti-redeposition characteristics – it ensures outstanding quality and value, with proven results from the smallest domestic machine to the largest industrial tunnel washer.

Test results at one of the largest independent laundries in London have shown that consistent high quality laundry processing can be achieved using an effective powder injection system and by simplifying the traditional multi-product requirement to Professional Plus – a single concentrated ‘built’ powder.


The design concept of The Magic Dryer Company from Edinburgh and the engineering prowess of Oxford-based hand dryer manufacturers, Airdri, have been combined to unleash a dragon on washrooms across the country – albeit a friendly one.

Puff the Magic Dryer has been created to be attractive to children and to encourage them to wash and dry their hands properly. Proper hand washing with soap and warm water is the single most important thing anyone can do to reduce the spread of infections and encouraging children to wash their hands at appropriate times will help to ensure that this practice becomes a lifelong habit.

Once washed, hands should also be dried properly and that’s where Puff the Magic Dryer comes in. Combining The Magic Dryer Company’s creativity to develop a fun character and Airdri’s engineering expertise to make a fast, effective and quiet dryer means that washing and drying hands can now be a fun activity.

Trudi Osborne, Airdri’s Marketing and Communications Manager, said: “Making washrooms accessible to everyone is central to everything we do at Airdri. As well as making effective high speed hand dryers, we have also concentrated on making them quiet as we know that noise is off- putting to users and can be frightening for small children.

“We were delighted to work with The Magic Dryer Company on this innovative project. Our Quad model hand dryer, adapted to create ‘Puff’, has achieved the Quiet Mark – an international mark of excellence from the UK Noise Abatement Society. It runs at just 71 decibels so is not harmful to sensitive ears.” 24 | VOTE NOW

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