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ECOCURVE Initial Washroom Hygiene

Initial Washroom Hygiene has expanded its range of washroom products with the launch of the new EcoCurve hand dryer. With electrical power consumption of just 550W, the EcoCurve is an energy-saving, smart hand dryer, which perfectly complements Initial Washroom Hygiene’s Signature range.

Designed with an in-built and patented energy recovery system, the dryer curves warm air, once triggered by four intelligent sensors, straight to the users’ palms and dries them in just 11 seconds, saving both time and money. Initial claim that the energy used is so low that 59 pairs of hands can be dried for the equivalent cost of just one paper towel. As with other products in the Signature range, the EcoCurve’s design integrates anti- bacterial technology to improve surface hygiene and help prevent the spread of germs in the washroom. The EcoCurve design has achieved a Quiet Mark from the Noise Abatement Society.

The EcoCurve is also available with a unique communications link that records real-time energy usage and transmits this data to a server, enabling energy use to be monitored via a web portal. With no consumables or heating elements to service and a self-cleaning air flow, the EcoCurve range comes with a seven-year parts warranty.

Dr Peter Barratt, Technical Manager at Initial Washroom Hygiene, said: “The EcoCurve dryer combines great design and proven energy savings, with technological advances that deliver the ability for hand dryer use and energy consumption to be recorded. Like other products in our range, the EcoCurve provides the optimum level of hygiene and sophistication in the washroom.”


Cleaning operatives need to feel comfortable using highly concentrated chemicals. The Ecopax chemical dosing system utilising Arpax SC Super Concentrates has been developed by RP Adam to deliver true chemical cleaning power with genuine super concentrated commercial grade cleaning and disinfection chemicals. The system by its nature minimises negative environmental impacts and enhances the safety of the user like never before.

Based on the concept of ‘bringing the chemical factory to your premises safely’ Arpax SC is dispensed through the innovative Ecopax dispense and packaging system, combining safety, environmental and commercial benefits together in one system. Five authentic super concentrated detergents and disinfectants have been designed on the basis of ‘putting as much in the bottle as possible’. The surface disinfectant Arpax A14SC has been tested to BS EN 1276 at a dilution of 200:1 with a 15 second contact time with each 2x2l pack yielding 800 litres of ready to use solution.

Naturally the Arpax SC super concentrates are ‘hazardous’ but all ready to use solutions are not classified in use. Ecopax is the only concentrates system available on the market where true cost control and waste reduction can finally be achieved. Each Arpax SC container is fitted with SafeLink to provide an ultra-safe system for dosing chemical concentrates safely. Located in the neck of the 2l flask it forms a leak- proof connection between the chemical flask and the Ecopax dosing equipment, eliminating the chance of hazardous chemicals coming into contact with the user and free hand pouring. 12 | VOTE NOW

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