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DISPENSER Midland Paper

Midland Paper offers a comprehensive range of disposable paper products suitable for the away-from-home market. With products suitable in various locations, such as offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, industry and the healthcare sector, including toilet rolls, paper towels, centrefeed rolls and dispensers, Midland paper have a product suitable for you.

One such product is the Esfina ESR400C Quad Coreless Toilet Roll Dispenser. The four-roll dispenser allows one roll to be in use, with three reserve rolls in place, minimising the need to constantly replenish empty dispensers.

Switching from one roll to another is simple, thanks to a central dial that easily rotates to the next roll, and with no cores to dispose of, it eliminates the problem of stub roll disposal, cutting down on waste and reducing costs. And as it is manufactured out of clear plastic, it is also easy to check when the dispenser will need replenishing

The Esfina ESR400C dispenser is ideal for high traffic washrooms, as each dispenser can hold up to 380 metres of paper.

As an active member of the CHSA Soft Tissue Standard, Midland Paper is confident that with the ESR400C, and all other Esfina products in their offering, you get exactly what it says on the label, and can rest easy that you are getting value for money at all times.

EVOCLEAN Hydro Systems Europe

Hydro Systems has launched the EvoClean, the world’s first venturi- based dispensing system for laundry applications. The compact and low maintenance unit has been built to help ease the financial pressure of large-scale laundry operations while significantly improving performance.

The EvoClean unit has no moving parts or peristaltic tubes and, as a result, requires no routine maintenance or tube replacement – a common problem found in many other laundry dispensing solutions, and one that brings considerable associated costs with it.

“Hydro Systems is the industry leader in venturi technology,” said Geoff Swallows, Technical Director at Hydro Systems Europe. “EvoClean incorporates our latest venturis to guarantee flow consistency from low pressure. This ensures exactly the right amount of chemicals are diluted every time, regardless of the water pressure."

Ready to use in either industrial or on-premise laundry environments, the system features an integrated control system that can be used for applications requiring four, six or eight products.

Additional features of the EvoClean unit are an integrated flush manifold, an ‘out-of-product’ alarm, USB programming of up to 21 formulas, and an optional remote formula select. The unit is available in a range of high outputs, from 500ml/min to 1500ml/min. 14 | VOTE NOW

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