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LOTUS PRO Green World Innovations

Green World Innovations is the only UK and European provider of the 100% chemical free lotus PRO commercial cleaning technology.

Using lotus PRO technology, ordinary tap water mixed with oxygen transforms into Aqueous Ozone which works faster and more effectively than a chemical cleaning solution.

As a natural all-purpose cleaning and sanitising agent, the lotus PRO works for hours before converting back into water and oxygen, you can pour it straight down the plug hole when you're finished. It's 100% safe for the environment.

Considered an ‘organic’ cleaning product, the All-In-One multipurpose cleaner provides a vast number of benefits that will help your company in many ways. These include having a powerful and effective cleaning product on demand at the touch of a button; it’s simple and safe to use, compatible with existing machinery and processes; it wipes out pathogens and contaminants, and sanitises surfaces in under three seconds, leaving no residue, smears or streaks. There is no need for rinsing or polishing afterwards, making processes more efficient and cost effective. Above all else, it’s environmentally sustainable and 100% ‘Green’.

Green World Innovations is the only 100% chemical free cleaning product that cleans and sanitises in one application. The outcome is tried, tested and proven, and it is already used by some of the biggest brands in the world.

MERIDIAN ENVIROBIN Leafield Environmental

Leafield Environmental, in partnership with the University of Greenwich, has produced the Meridian Envirobin, designed to encourage users to segregate recyclables from non-recyclable waste at source.

Prior research indicated that as much as 70% of the waste generated in the university was recyclable so a twin-lidded bin was produced with a 70:30 split in favour of the recyclables stream. The ‘stop and think’ stimulus was achieved by putting a lift lid on the non-recyclable waste side while providing clear, instructional signage.

The scheme turned out to be a great success, proving the concept and helping the University along its sustainability journey towards a Zero Waste goal.

In order to meet other customer requirements, the 110l Meridian Envirobin has been developed further with a range of lid combinations that include triple lids, and a round aperture module for cans, bottles or cups. A liquids reservoir and lid were also made available and soon after, a 100% open top version and a 70:30 split lid with both sides open.

Seeing the 100% open lid, a customer suggested that a lower version with a smaller capacity would be ideal for use in an office environment and the Mini Meridian was born with a capacity of 87l.

All lids come in WRAP compliant colours, are interchangeable and can be complemented with clear instructional labelling and signage.

With so many lid combinations, the Meridian range could now be considered as the most flexible and customisable waste collection and ‘segregation at source’ solution available. VOTE NOW| 19

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