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A revolutionary way of improving the washroom and workplace environment has been unveiled by PHS Washrooms.

The Airscent Atom is the company’s newest innovation in workplace fragrancing. Using ‘Piezo’ technology, high frequency resonating plates push 100% pure fragrance oil through microscopic holes, resulting in a fine mist. This helps the scent float in the air for longer when compared with traditional aerosol systems, resulting in a longer lasting fragrance impression rather than a short aerosolised burst of fragrance which is soon gone.

With its virtually silent and compact nature, the Piezo technology is also highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Unlike an aerosol based product, the Airscent Atom has no propellants which are released into the air, just pure fragrance oils blended with Odouraze odour neutraliser, which help to combat malodours, destroying bad smells and eliminating odours in washrooms and workspaces.

According to research by PHS, 83% of workers believe that an unpleasant smelling washroom negatively impacts on staff in the workplace. In order to boost workplace morale and create a pleasant working environment, PHS Washrooms has worked with fragrance experts to develop a range of four scents including ‘Punchy Orange’ and ‘Floral Breeze’, which are certain to satisfy the senses.

James Clark, Commercial Director of PHS Washrooms, said: “From our research, we know that having a pleasant smelling workplace is important to employees, impacting on productivity and wellbeing. We are therefore delighted to unveil our latest fragrance innovation to help create a great workplace environment.”



Many industrial kitchens use colour-coded tools with different types of food, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

With the introduction of colour-coded cleaning cloths, cross-contamination can be further reduced. Harrison Wipes offer a range of colour-coded cloths, specifically designed to create a segregated wiping solution.

Harrison Wipes’ All Purpose Lightweight Cloths are ideal for general purpose cleaning tasks including mopping spills and drips, collecting food and dirt and washing surfaces.

As a cloth is only as clean as the last thing touches, the safest way to guarantee food safety is to coordinate work surfaces and areas by colour.

Another added benefit of using colour-coded cloths is the prevention of allergen cross-contamination. For example, if a customer is allergic to shellfish, this method of colour-coded cloths can help to reduce the likelihood of allergens entering their food and making them seriously ill.

Colour-coding can also help employees to maintain high levels of food hygiene by making sure food prepared is safe to eat.

This simple colour-coding system can provide easy identification as to which cloth the employee should be using in conjunction with a comprehensive hygiene system.

The Harrison Wipes colour-coded range is available in five colours to provide maximum cleaning efficiency, ensuring your kitchen runs safely and smoothly. 6 | VOTE NOW

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