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The team at iVo Group is excited to introduce its latest product, an ultra-fast, efficient cleaning brush. The all-new battery powered, hand- held cordless Power Brush is now available for both distributors and individual consumers.

Ideal for hard to reach areas, iVO Power Brush is versatile for scrubbing awkward corners and stubborn stains. The iVo Power Brush is battery powered, fully waterproof and comes available with 16 different detail attachments including nylon and stainless steel brushes, and scouring and buffing pads. According to iVo Group, the Power Brush helps to reduce fatigue, save time, and improve cleaning standards.

With the iVo Power Brush, easy and quick tasks now include cleaning grout lines, shower glass, carpet stains, stairs and nosings, safety flooring edges and corners.

The iVo Power Brush fits all budgets in the commercial or industrial sector, and it is available in 3 kit options: Light Use Kit, Standard Kit, and Full Contractors Kit.

iVo Group produces innovative products and makes them available through its distributor network to consumers around the world, while offering a portion of proceeds to a number of well known charities.

If your team isn’t using the iVo Power Brush, iVo Group say that you owe it to yourself and to your team to book a demo and see the product in action for yourself.


Metsä Tissue is pleased to introduce the new Katrin Inclusive Range of Dispensers, to enhance ease of use for public washrooms. This new range takes into account the needs of a wide selection of users, including children, the elderly and those who are visually impaired or have physical disabilities.

With Katrin Inclusive Dispensers, the paper is easy to remove, and can be pulled out with one hand. Contrasting colours make the dispenser openings easy to see. Large “push faces” are effortless to use, and braille text also helps the visually impaired.

The range comes in attractive black or white designs, with contrasting colours which also assist the visually impaired in everyday life. Dispensers that open upwards make it much easier for people of all heights to fill and simple graphical signage shows how they should be used and maintained. All of the dispensers are easy to disassemble and are made from durable ABS and polypropylene plastic, both of which are totally reusable.

The new Katrin Inclusive Dispenser range consists of 10 dispenser types, including new models for the Katrin System Hand Towel and Toilet Roll range. The extended range includes matching bins as well as elegant dispensers for facial tissues. 18 | VOTE NOW

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