looking for things like you and Zappa and Beefheart and all that stuff, and simulta- neously getting into classical music and listening to Tchaikovsky and Beethoven, Alice Cooper, Marshall Tucker, Kate Bush, Elvis Costello, just everything. ya know Right.

Always looking for something different, right? Right, right. Always learning.

But never the less and furthermore, I wanted to ask you about what I think is one of the greatest bands ever and that is the Aquarium Rescue Unit. Well, you are very kind and thank you. They... we had a good three and a half to four year run and it was just a miracle playing with those guys. I'm just a folk singer from another planet and they certainly outclassed me, and they are all still world-class people and world-class players.

Yeah, I've spoken to every one of them in the past and let me just say, every one of them say that you are the man. The thing that Jimmy Herring told me one time that I will never forget was what an inspiration you were to him as a musician. He told me that one time you both were somewhere outside, and that you said, “see that tree right there. . . now play the tree.” Jimmy said "that's a whole different way of look- ing at things.” He played the tree I guess. or tried to. He did play the tree, and he got really good on the fence. He was one of the great fence players of all times. (Laughs) It was nice of Jimmy to say those nice words. Jimmy is about one of the best human beings and one of the great guitar players in the world.

Yeah, he's amazing Yeah ever since he has joined Widespread Panic, I really... I mean really, I mean I always liked him, but I re- ally started loving him after he got in there. Yeah, Yeah, it’s funny, different people have dif- ferent stories on the band, which guitar player they like, ya know, it's funny and I don't think you

gonna get a better guy for a band than Jimmy, he can lift any band there is. People will disagree, but music is food man, ya know it's a wonderful perishable item, and there is nobody better than Jimmy. I mean, if you were going to put together a blues band or a country band or a bluegrass band Jimmy's the guy to call, not many people can do that.

Right, That's true He's so versatile and he's so tall, he needs a hair cut. (Laughs)

Yeah Yeah. One of the greatest quotes I've ever heard comes from Jim Hall one of the greatest Jazz guitar players of all time and he “just go and study physics, go study anything other than the music during the day, and play it at night. Learn about life,” and you know, that stuck with me. He said that about fifteen years ago when we were in a bank together in New York. He said to just have a different perspective on music, its just notes. You should play it differently every night, you can play the same song for 50 years, but just play it differ- ent, ya know. Get yourself out of the way,that’s the hardest thing to do.

Yeah, the master of that is Bob Dylan when I saw Bob in the 90’s, half of the songs I didn't recognize until he got to the chorus because he was just reinventing them. And that is just what you’ve got to do. I would think otherswise, you would get bored to tears. Right. Funny, I have never been bored, I've been boring, but I've never been bored playing music, I mean, it's one of the miracles and mysteries of life. I don't know where it comes from and I never want to get good. Good is terrible. I want it to be different everyday.

I asked you this questions about 12 years ago Bruce, but we’ve got a different audi- ence now and I’d you to explain this tell everybody what Zambie is. I have this saying about what life is, it’s saying like what jazz is. It goes back to the great Ornette Coleman's statement, “One and one is two, but what is one?” Zambie is an actual human being

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