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profi le
are also independent Power Plate studios
nationwide, run by private operators.
Who is the target market?
Men and women, of all ages and
abilities, aged over 16. The Power Plate
machine is a highly inclusive piece of kit
– both the pro5 and pro5 AIRdaptive
models are IFI Stage 2 accredited.
Is it benefi cial for
special populations?
Yes. It can help patient groups such as
people with MS, osteoporosis,
fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease. It’s
also used to rehabilitate those with
injuries and to help reduce falls among Working together: David Lloyd and Virgin Active offer group Power Plate classes
the elderly. In addition, it’s good for
people who are overweight or obese. adipogenesis (creation of fat cells) to How do you intend to take
High performance athletes also train drop by 27 per cent. More research is the company forward?
with Power Plate equipment – for being conducted into this. We will continue to provide education
example, the GB Snowsport/Ski Team, to the market to reinforce credibility
GB Basketball and European Golf Tour What is the medical and understanding of the technology.
Physio Unit, as well as a number of accreditation you have Ongoing research will assist with this.
football clubs including Manchester been awarded? The fact that, in September, a three-day
United, Manchester City, Chelsea, In September, Power Plate International conference in Rome focused on the
Fulham, Liverpool and Everton. received certification as a Medical Device application of vibration is a big step in
Manufacturer within the European the acceptance and acknowledgement of
How can it help with Economic Area, from the British vibration technology.
weight loss? Standards Institute. We’re the first
An independent study has shown that specialised vibration exercise equipment Where would you like to
exercise on a Power Plate machine can manufacturer to have its full range of be in fi ve years?
help reduce the percentage of body fat products certified as medical devices. I would like the company still to be the
more effectively or faster than The United Kingdom’s Medicines and leader in Acceleration Training exercise
traditional exercise. Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency equipment, setting the standard for
In May this year, a study was has classifi ed the full range of Power Plate others to follow. My aim is to reach the
presented at the European Congress on machines as class IIa Medical Devices. point where every fitness or wellness
Obesity which showed that those who facility installs at least one Power Plate
exercised for six months on a Power Who are your health machine. Continued education and
Plate machine, in conjunction with a low club customers? awareness, combined with an ageing
calorie diet, lost twice as much visceral Major health club chains, including Virgin population, will move the market
fat (fat around the organs in the Active, David Lloyd, Esporta, DW Sports towards Power Plate equipment.
abdomen) compared to those who did Fitness, Fitness First, LA Fitness,
traditional cardio and weights workouts Bannatyne, Greens and Nuffield Health. What should the industry
and dieted, and those who simply dieted. do to improve retention?
This decrease remained at the same Are you selling to other I participated in the recent FIA
level after 12 months, while the diet and sectors as well? strategy meeting entitled: How do
traditional fi tness groups returned to Yes. Our clients include hotels such as De we break through the glass ceiling
their baseline levels. Vere, Marriott and Hilton; spas including of 12 per cent of the population
Researchers hypothesised that this Chewton Glen and Loch Lomond; and being members of fitness clubs?
might be related to hormonal changes direct sales to consumers for home use, I think we need to continue to
that may be caused by exercising on a as well as through retail partners. With invest in equipment, staff training and
Power Plate machine; a study on mice the medical certification, we now plan to education to get more people, more
showed that vibration caused the move into the healthcare sector. active, more often. With increasingly
busy lifestyles, people have less time
Are there any other to devote to their health and fitness,
products in the pipeline? and the industry has to respond to
At LIW in September, we previewed the this trend by offering accelerated
Managing director: David Morrell Pro-Motion Upper Body Device (see classes. That’s where Power Plate
Sales director: Jeff Davis p52). There are also a number of patents technology can really help.
Chief finance officer: held or applied for pertaining to Power
Nilesh Pandya Plate technologies that may result in new kath hudson
products, or even a whole new category.
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