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training news
working in
fi tness results
SkillsActive, the sector skills council for
active learning and leisure, has unveiled
the results of the sixth Working in
Fitness survey (see also p48).
Almost 1,500 workers from across
the health and fi tness sector took part
At this time of the year we always start
Lifetime will now offer its own awards in the 2009 study, which is designed to
talking about heading ‘back to the gym’.
monitor salary and training trends.
Inevitably people rethink their approach
According to the 2009 survey, the
to exercise in January, either because
awarding status
average number of training days for
they’ve simply lost momentum during the
employees throughout the fi tness sector
colder months or more specifi cally they are
for lifetime
remains high, at six days a year, although
worried about the effects of indulgence
Training provider Lifetime has been more than half of respondents said
during the festive season. Either way, we
recognised as an offi cial Awarding they now pay for their own training,
have a duty to try, once again, to help and
Organisation by Ofqual, the regulator of compared with 48 per cent last year.
support long term fi tness goals.
qualifi cations, exams and tests in England. More than a quarter of fi tness
So what will make the biggest difference?
The company will now be able to workers hold an honours degree, while
Most will seek immediate results, despite
submit full qualifi cations to the new 11 per cent have obtained a masters or
the fact that short term gains don’t usually
Qualifi cations & Credit Framework other postgraduate qualifi cation. A total
deliver long term benefi ts. Therefore, my
(QCF) beyond 2010, under the name of 59 per cent have acquired a Level 3
biggest piece of advice would be to help
Lifetime Awarding. fi tness qualifi cation, while more than a
people set realistic, achievable goals and
According to Peta Hairsine, Lifetime quarter are qualifi ed at Level 2.
understand the importance of long term
Awarding organisation manager, In terms of pay, the report has also
the company’s awarding arm was found that males earn 16 per cent more,
established in response to a growing on average, than female counterparts.
Once goals are set, “getting the basics
need for ‘fi t for purpose’ qualifi cations
right” is the next important step. Not just
and work-ready recruits to enhance
in relation to an individual’s exercise regime,
the quality and professionalism of the
but also their nutrition as this can have a
fi tness industry and beyond.
big impact on the effi cacy of any training.
Hairsine adds: “By establishing
Consuming the correct fuel before, during
ourselves as an industry-based awarding
and after a workout provides energy and
organisation, we will maintain the
hydration to help individuals of all levels
continuity of programme, brand and
to achieve their full potential. Likewise, if
quality assurance of our awards.”
strength is your aim then maximising the
Lifetime Awarding works in
recovery period after a resistance workout
partnership with employers and
with protein is logical.
operators to secure jobs in the sector. More than half of trainers are Level 2
Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, if
there were I’d be eulogising about the fact
sports leaders launches new tool
our population is the fi ttest and healthiest.
Clearly, we will always have work to do and
Sports Leaders UK has launched a new, The new resource will be offered as
people to motivate!
complimentary teaching tool specifi cally a free download via the Sports Leaders
developed to celebrate the London 2012 UK website for schools, colleges, local
Nick Morgan
Olympic and Paralympic Games. authority sports development teams and
Applied Sport Science Manager,
Katharine Merry – bronze medal other offi cial organisations registered
Lucozade Sport Science Academy
winner for the 400m sprint at the 2000 with Sports Leaders UK.
Summer Olympics in Sydney – was part The teaching tool is one of a number
The LSSA has extensive knowledge
of the team launching the tool at this of initiatives aimed at extending the
drawing on over 30 years of experience
year’s Leisure Industry Week (LIW), London 2012 legacy to encompass a far
in sports nutrition research.
held in Birmingham. wider audience than the lucky few who
The new Sports Leaders UK resource are able to play a role in the Games.
is designed to give young candidates Formerly named the British Sports
wanting to work in active leisure and Trust, Sports Leaders UK is a charity
sport the opportunity to explore the providing leadership training in sport.
values of the Games and understand It trains more than 2,500 sports tutors
how they impact everyday life. and coaches every year.
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