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VIRGIN ACTIVE TAKE ON UNEMPLOYED LIFEGUARDS SWIM UK’s growing success in getting unemployed jobseekers back into work in the south of England has hit a new high with Virgin Active employing eight new lifeguards at their new Falmer site in Brighton. The eight new staff, all of which completed their Royal Life Saving Society National Pool Lifeguard Qualification free of charge with SWIM UK as part of their ‘Sporting Solutions’ programme, are now all off Job Seekers Allowance and working part/ full time, and are heading for bright futures within the leisure industry. Virgin Active’s General Manager Chris Gilkes said: “We’re delighted to be associated with SWIM UK, we see the initial nerves fall away as our new recruits develop into polished, confident professionals – a real asset to any workplace.”

Paul Smith MD, of SWIM UK added: “I can’t think of better evidence to reflect the effectiveness of our short courses in getting people skilled and into a new career!”

MOD PROJECT FOR FT LEISURE FT Leisure has been appointed to design, supply, install and commission a 25-metre 6-lane swimming pool at RAF Honington. The pool has a deep end of 2.5m and will be used primarily for military rehabilitation and hydrotherapy as well as some military training exercises. The client for the project is the Ministry of Defence and the main contractor is Graham Construction. To limit the chlorine content on the backwash discharge to ≤0.05mg/l, FT Leisure will also install a dechlorination plant and the backwash water will then go into the onsite MOD sewage system.

Affordable Luxury At Spa London Wimbledon

A day spa has launched at Wimbledon Leisure Centre, the latest offering from the Spa London brand from GLL. The new spa is part of a £1m investment at the south London leisure centre which originally opened in 1901. Designed to offer affordable

luxury, the centrepiece of the spa is the thermal suite developed by sauna and steam experts Dalesauna, who previously worked at Spa London’s day spa in the Rainbow Leisure Centre in Epsom. Working with architects Architecture & Design Services, contractors KJ Evans and GLL, Dalesauna created a range of thermal experiences in the 90sq m space including a tiled

aroma steam room with LED lighting, a pine sauna with automatic essence dosing and LED lighting as well as a 3m diameter hydrotherapy pool, which was delivered in two halves and completed on site due to restricted access. Dalesauna’s in-house design team developed the finishes for the spa. Between experiences, guests can relax on heated Hamman benches finished in a mix of large format and mosaic tiles. Other facilities include Dalesauna’s latest design of ice fountain with a recessed ice bowl, two luxury ceramic foot spas sourced from Germany with automatic fill and drain

facilities, and a dedicated Hammam treatment room featuring a Hamman bed with a heated Corian top, mosaic tile base and Hansgrohe shower fittings. A bucket shower and a Hansgrohe Raindance feature shower complete the thermal offering. Located on the first floor on the site of the centre’s former bath house, the thermal suite retains many of the building’s original features including steel columns and beams as well as sky light windows to create an unusually light and airy space. “When we first visited the site, the centre still had its old cast iron slipper baths. “Working within the confines of this historic building provided some challenges, but it’s been well worth the effort. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thermal spa area with so much natural light. The effect is quite stunning,” says Dean Edwards, Sales Manager at Dalesauna.

Dalesauna 0 1423 798630

Installing Home Sauna Is As Easy As Assembling Flat-pack Furniture

Tim Chapman’s wife Sarah loves saunas. She would visit her local gym three times a week just to use their steam rooms. So when she suggested having their own home sauna, Tim looked into the possibilities and bought a self- build Tylö sauna kit. Enlisting help from a friend, he built and installed it in just three days. The sauna in question was a

Tylö Evolve 1712, a traditional wooden sauna room designed as a self-build for home owners. It’s manufactured by high quality Swedish sauna makers Tylö, and is delivered in prefabricated modules that fit together like furniture. Tylö’s Flexi system guarantees that the Evolve is designed to exact specifications – making it the easiest and quickest way to realise a customer’s dreams of a home sauna.

Tim, who installed the

Tylö Evolve in his garage, is a 52-year-old valuer and auctioneer. Asked about the build, he said: “You ideally need two people. You also need a flat floor and there’s a metal rim round the bottom that everything slots into, so it’s quite easy. You just work around that rim.

“Because we put it in our garage in an annex next to the house and installed a shower room at the same time, we had some help putting the plumbing, wiring and drainage in for the showers. “My friend is a sparky, so he looked after the electrical wiring – even though it’s only one wire from the heater to the mains. But a couple of people can easily get it all done in three days… No problem. It really is

very easy to put it together. It’s just like building a piece of self- assembly furniture.” Newly designed, the T ylö Evolve is big enough to seat three and includes insulated walls and ceiling, lights, glass door, thermometer and two benches with backrests made of aspen. Customers then have a choice of heaters and thermostats to complete the home sauna design.

Golden Coast 01271 378100

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