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Ultra violet generation (UV) is not an alternative to chlorine but can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine that is used

is an alternative to traditional chlorine or halogen based disinfection systems. Based on the active oxygen system (MPS), O2


incorporates ultraviolet treatment, thus eliminating the requirement for copper/silver. The SV UV Scenic ultraviolet radiation which uses a wavelength of 253, 7nm, across a process of photolysis and photo-oxidation, destroys the organic matter in pools. UV sterilisation has been used for many years in the pool industry but until now has always required chlorine donors alongside. ProPure advanced technology has finally eliminated the need for any such chemicals, while providing much improved protection against all bacteria, a host of viruses and other causes of unhealthy water quality. ProPure Oxygen process to date is one of the most profound and beneficial advancement in non- toxic water purification technology that has been introduced in the swimming pool industry.

BAYROL ACTIVE OXYGEN SYSTEMS FROM THE POLLET POOL GROUP An alternative to chlorine is BAYROL’s ‘Active Oxygen’ systems. These systems are based on the combination of two components that supplement each other: component one for disinfection and component two to prevent algae growth, to activate component one and clarify the water.

Benefits of using active oxygen systems include products that are much kinder to the skin, hair and eyes. Active oxygen is a softer alternative to chlorine. The products ensure a natural, odour free and natural pool water experience. They are easier to store because of their safe nature. Part of the BAYROL active oxygen range is Soft & Easy. As its name suggests this product is extremely gentle to the skin and hair, will cause no eye irritation and is odour free. Soft & Easy gives complete chlorine free water care in a dual sachet. One sachet includes algaecide and clarifier and the other active oxygen. The pre measured sachets make dosing easy and very cost effective. The product itself is pH neutral and contains additional substances for pH buffering. Overall the product gives sparkling water with an easy to use, all in one treatment sachet, no mixing of chemicals or handling of tablets.

74 October 2013 SPN

A chlorine free liquid product with an immediate effect against water turbidity and the growth of algae is also available in the chlorine free range from BAYROL. This is BayroShock. It reacts quickly and decomposes without residue.


One leading chlorine alternative is PoolSan which works on the copper silver principle but contains gold, aluminum and zinc produced in manufacturing and contained in liquid. Says Celina Brown of PoolSan Direct:

“There’s a growing interest in these products, of that there’s no doubt. People are going into retail outlets and asking more and more about ways to limit or move away from chlorine.” PoolSan has become popular with leading hotels and health clubs in their pools and spas. It is an easily dosed, chlorine free liquid biocide that is less hazardous and more sustainable than chlorine. PoolSan is described as a saturated complex ionic aqueous solution containing copper, silver, zinc, aluminium, gold, manganese, nitrogen and iron, a combination which eliminates the need for chlorine, algaecides and flocculants. These ions bring about a change in the enzyme processes of algae and bacteria, breaking down their DNA structure and cell walls. Treated water has no smell or taste and is a revelation for swimmers used to traditional chlorinated pools. The water feels gentler on the skin than chlorinated water and does not rot costumes or sting eyes. PoolSan can save money and time – the water doesn’t damage pool plant equipment or the building like chlorinated water can. Injectors don’t clog and pumps last longer too. The easy to operate PoolSan dosing system doesn’t need probes or a maintenance contract. Packaging is reduced and PoolSan is safe to handle and store.


Gentle is a new Oxygen

based system for keeping swimming pools sanitised and bacteria free and therefore

Gentle system is a twin sachet system comprising a 220g granular sachet ‘A’ for the disinfection process and a 50ml liquid sachet, ‘B’, which is an algaecide and bacteria controller. These sachets are complementary and are dosed at similar times to produce a soft, gentle chlorine free swimming environment. Working synergistically, the two sachets create a reliable water treatment system that guarantees optimal water quality. In addition, the O2

not only provides halogen free disinfection, which reduces smells and potential irritation created by halogen treatments, but also produces soft, gentle water that is kinder to the skin, eyes and hair. The O2

Gentle system includes both

substances to clarify water and to minimise scale formation, thus ensuring water remains crystal clear and scale free. O2

Gentle is easy to dose and can be added directly to the pool by using the ‘scissor cut markings’ and pouring in the opened sachets A & B, in accordance with the accompanying dosing table for varying pool sizes. O2


should be dosed at least weekly; by adopting a weekly routine the system becomes easy and simple to apply. SPN


atg UV 01942 216161

Bio Water Technology 0800 021 3171

Certikin International 01993 778855

Complete Pool Controls Ltd 01242 662700

Hanovia 01753 515300

Pollet Pool Group 01635 234038

Poolsan Direct Tel: 020 8500 4847

ProPure 0845 006 3063

Topline Electronics Limited 01323 440 760

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