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PRODUCT NEWS Energy Efficiency Without Compromise

Exclusive i-swim Pool Lift Now Available From

Dolphin Mobility The ergonomically designed i-swim Pool Lift is exclusively available in the UK from Dolphin Mobility and has been created with the user and carer/parent/coach in mind. Incorporating an aluminium and stainless steel design, the developers have ensured the ‘i-swim’ is considerably lighter and easier to manoeuvre than many other mobile swimming pool hoist systems. As with all things Italian, style has also been a driving force during the design process, something that cannot always be said when comparing similar products. To complement the lightweight stylish design, the i-swim incorporates four wheels (two with brakes) and a patented Auto-Tip stabilising system. Power is supplied by 2 x 18 amp rechargeable batteries that can complete approximately 40 lift cycles. With dimensions of 1245mm (l) x 640mm (w) x 1490mm (h) the i-swim can be effortlessly manoeuvred around the majority of swimming pools in leisure centres, health clubs and spas, ensuring swimming is accessible to all. To celebrate its launch, the i-swim is available at a special promotional price of £4,895 + VAT.

Dolphin Mobility 01276 856060

Greater interest in environmentally friendly and cost effective pool heating has seen an increase in the use of heat pumps generally, with more pool owners recognising the myriad of benefits. Today sustainability is a key factor for pool owners who are focused on the most cost effective and efficient way of heating their pool and the spotlight has fallen on heat pumps. Compared to gas and electric pool heaters, heat pumps use just a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat. And although initially heat pumps take longer than gas heaters to warm up the pool or spa water, they are much more economical and will then maintain the heating as well as gas heater. In fact, you can save up to 80% over LPG and 50% over natural gas by installing a Waterco heat pump. The Waterco heat pumps produce up to 5 times more heat energy than the electrical energy they consume. Electroheat Plus and Aquaflow heat pumps extract latent heat from the surrounding air, intensify it and transfer it to your swimming pool,

this means that for every 1kw of electricity consumed, the heat pumps produce 5kw of heat into the pool water.

Exclusively distributed in the UK by Paramount Pool Products, assuring price stability through a recognised retail and fully supported network, the Waterco range of heat pumps are all manufactured in house at Waterco and have quickly become known within the industry for quality, reliability and performance. Boasting an impressive range of key features such as Temperature management and self diagnosis, High density titanium heat exchanger, Scroll compressors and using ozone friendly R410A refrigerant gas means that you are assured of the peace of mind that comes with reliability and quality.

For more information on the benefits

of Waterco heat pumps please contact Paramount Pool Products.

Paramount Pool Products 01256 748 380

Left: The Aquaflow heat pump has a side mounted fan to enable installation almost anywhere

Right: Waterco Electroheat Plus features a titanium heat exchanger and scroll compressors to ensure the ultimate in efficiency

Thermalec Heaters Now With Titanium Elements

Thermalec Pool and Spa Products have now, as part of their continuous improvement strategy, included heaters with titanium elements into their range. The THR Titanium range is compatible with their existing range of heaters. This means that any existing customer will be able to upgrade their heater in the future with Titanium elements. Thermalec said: “It is important to us at Thermalec to have compatibility with our existing range of heaters. It has also been doubly important that the cost of our heaters

MD 200 Photometer For Every Testing Requirement The Lovibond®

MD 200 is the ideal

photometer for practically every area of leisure water analysis. The user-friendly, ergonomic design and compact dimensions make it portable yet stable in any environment. Housed complete with everything required for accurate results in best practice scenarios – including an initial supply of sufficient Lovibond®

20 October 2013 SPN

reagents – it is the complete solution for the discerning analyst.

The MD 200 is available now in a variety of configurations. Please contact your local Lovibond

® representative for further details or visit the Lovibond

Lovibond Tintometer 01980 664800 ® website.

will not be increased because of this upgrade.” “The elements have been tested in-house and on customer sites for over 12 months and we have found that we are getting excellent results from these tests. As with all Thermalec products we have designed, the prime target is customer satisfaction. We are confident that we have a quality product which customers can rely on as they have with Thermalec heaters for over 40 years. “Thermalec are going to the Barcelona exhibition with new products for customers to see. Our PHR, THR and ZHR range of heaters, having the heating capability from 3kW to 168kW and with our ZHR range we have managed to decrease our prices by up to 20%. “It is clear that the market wants titanium elements in their heaters as part of their selling strategy, therefore, we have responded but as with all Thermalec products we have tested our components to make sure they are of a quality expected from Thermalec.”

Thermalec Pool And Spa Products 01752 313343

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