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to remove unwanted combined chlorine compounds from the pool and will also inactivate the micro-organisms that chlorine cannot easily remove, such as cryptosporidium. A typical pool can reduce the free chlorine residual from 1.5 ppm to around 0.8 ppm, which generally results in a greatly improved user experience, both in the pool and the pool surround atmosphere. There are a number of UV manuafacturers and suppliers for the pool industry including atg, Certikin, Hanovia, Topline and Triogen to name but a few. The benefits of a Topline Low Pressure UV system, when compared to a medium pressure UV system, are much lower energy consumption and a reduced spares requirements. A 7kW medium pressure system will typically use around £6,000 of electricity per year where as a Topline low pressure unit will use only £500 and requires only an annual lamp and quartz sleeve change. The Topline ultra violet treatment system is highly configurable and the company have supplied units for local authority pools, hotel and school pools, escape training tanks and recently for Legoland, Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures.

As an established treatment method that has been used by hundreds of facilities, UV enjoys a great track record and increasingly, systems are now being fitted to domestic pools too.

PROPURE SYSTEMS FEATURE A COMBINED PROCESS The ProPure:SV range uses the latest technology to create crystal clear pool water, without harmful chemicals. The result of a ProPure system is silky smooth feeling water, with no bather irritation – even for sensitive skin and eyes. It also provides the complete control of algae, and a long term reduction of bacteria. This makes the water harmless to the health of both swimmers and the environment. All systems incorporate a scientific process called Hydrolysis combined with either industry standard ionisation or UV treatment and complemented by automated pH and ORP control. Once set up, the ProPure system requires only six-monthly (indoor pools) or annual servicing (outdoor pools) which can be completed by one of the company’s network service engineers.

Experience With ‘Revitalised Water’ CASE STUDY

Creating a Better Pool

Grander Water Revitalisation has won recognition, step by step in the Swimming Pool and Wellness industries in Austria and Germany.

It has now crossed the borders into non German-speaking areas.

Forward thinking operators of public swimming pools, were some of the earliest users to realise the benefits of Grander Water Revitalisation with Kaiserbad Ellmau in the Tyrol region of Austria and the pool in Trauchgau in Allgäu, Southern Germany being the first to implement it. Trauchgau Pool Manager Engelbert Kienle had already started experimenting with water revitalisation in 1995 and had discovered that this allowed him to use less chlorine. It also considerably reduced the number of cases of eye and skin irritation. Kaiserbad Ellmau began using the Grander system almost at the same time and noticed the same astonishing effects. The aim of Grander Water Revitalisation is to support and optimise the necessary conventional steps of water conditioning (flocculation, filtering, disinfection). At

ProPure prides itself in keeping up with the latest technology, and for the person who is always on the move: their latest monitoring system enables the pool water to be monitored via the web, or by phone, making sure that the pool water is always kept in perfect condition.

Monitored by the ORP demand, Hydrolysis

Aquablanc O2 Gentle is a new Oxygen based system for keeping swimming pools sanitised

the same time it is essential to achieve a noticeably improved quality of water which is in accordance with hygienic and technical requirements.

The altered water quality has been described by bathers as being “soft and velvety” and after bathing in revitalised water “one feels fresh and relaxed”. Swimmers also reported less eye and skin irritation too. Fundamentally, the success of the Grander system is underpinned by a continuously repeated wealth of positive experience. More than 150 communal swimming pools and several hundred hotels, mostly in German speaking regions, are already making use of the advantages the system provides, coupled with its economic and ecological benefits.

The addition of chemicals to the water is optimised and the resulting lowered water pollution mean that system also makes a valuable contribution to protecting water and the environment. The Grander Water Revitalisation system is now available in the UK through Bio Water Technology.

is achieved by a controlled electrical charge being passed through a combination of specially coated titanium plates, which separates the water (H2

Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O) Molecules. This reaction then reforms quickly and briefly into associated chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide (H2 (O) and ozone (O3


O) into its constituent

), Atomic Oxygen ). All three of these carry a

significantly higher relative value (ORP) than Chlorine Gas or indeed Sodium Hypochlorite and, by the time they reach the pool, have reformed into H2

O leaving no harmful traces

BAYROL’s Soft & Easy gives complete chlorine free water care in a dual sachet

in the pool water. The ProPureSV: Ion system utilises an automated copper/silver ionisation process directly treating the pool filter with copper and silver ions. Historically this has been a highly successful method for water treatment, as the ions produced act as a very efficient biocide, and also is an equally efficient clarifier. The new SV UV Scenic has the same intelligent control unit as the SV Ion but

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