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Tricks of the trade for winterising a swimming pool

Here’s a few tricks of the trade when it comes to getting your pool through the winter without incurring costs next year: • When you clean the pool, scrub the water line. It is here that oily deposits accumulate – often attributable to bathers with suntan lotion! There are proprietary liquid cleaners you can buy which will do the job perfectly.

• Lowering the level of water in the pool is not necessary if you are able to check the level through the winter and let some water out if required.

SCP’s Acti range of chemicals offers the choice of a copper free or copper based long-life winteriser

Long life algaecide should also be topped up if necessary for example if there is heavy and prolonged rain.


Although the process of preparing the water in the pool for winter is relatively straightforward, many domestic pool owners will require guidance on the process and which type of treatment to use and when to do it. “It is so important to take action in autumn for at least two reasons,” explains Mark Ramsden of Complete Pool Controls. “Firstly, algae and stain prevention is more cost effective than a spring cure, and will also mean it will be quicker to get the pool ready next year. Secondly, as the temperature falls, the pH will become lower, so it is prudent to raise the level.”

Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time from Complete Pool Controls is a long-life copper free algaecide formulated to prevent algae growth in outdoor pools during late autumn, winter and early spring. Ultimate Winter Time also helps minimise the likelihood of stains and scale deposits during the closed season. Also in the range is Blue Horizons Concentrated Winter Time is an effective copper free algaecide that will help prevent the multiplication of most types of algae over the winter. The concentrated nature of this product allows 1ltr to treat up to 12,000 gallons of pool water. One of the most popular long life algaecides for algae prevention is Blue Horizons AlgiMAX Eliminator – a powerful dual action algaecide,

formulated specifically to prevent or eliminate algae should it ever establish itself in pool water. AlgiMAX Eliminator is effective against green, black and mustard forms of algae. A unique product that will prevent algae for up to three months, AlgiMAX can also be used as a winteriser.

Certikin has some of the very best chemical offers in the marketplace for when outdoor pools go into hibernation.

Aside from some not to

Lo-Chlor Winteriser Algaecide from Total Water Products is an extra strength longlife copper free formulation

be missed offers on the top marque Fi-Clor range, Certikin’s economical and no-nonsense Swimfresh range will also be subject to promotion. The Swimfresh range is aimed at the more budget conscious customer – without any compromise on quality. It comes, of course, with the assurance that it is backed by the high standards of service and sales advice that all customers of Certikin have come to expect. Swimfresh’s modern, distinctive packaging is designed to catch the eye when displayed at point of sale. Its comprehensive approach offers the customer all the necessary chemical products required to winterise their pool and provides the retailer with a compact and intelligent range.

Bayrol’s Puripool is a concentrated liquid for the hibernation of filled open air pools. The addition of Puripool to swimming pool water protects

Certikin’s economical and no-nonsense Swimfresh range is aimed at the more budget conscious customer

• Antifreeze precautions may not be necessary on less exposed situations and especially for salt water pools.

• If the pool equipment is inside, you don’t need to drain the system.

• An antifreeze precaution for undrained systems in very cold weather is to run the pump for an hour or so in the early hours of the morning – taking water from the bottom of the pool.

• In the early spring, before opening the swimming pool add some more algaecide or chlorine as a top-up.

a pool from the deposits of lime scale and the formation and growth of algae by forming a film on the surface of the pool walls thereby preventing adhesion. This will help in the spring when the pool is opened and the cleaning begins saving both time and money. Bayrol products are available through Pollet Pool Group.

Plastica want you to relax and rely on their long-stay winter protection with their tried and tested Cleaner Winter Long-Life algaecide and Winter Pool Closing Kits conveniently available in three sizes.

Lo-Chlor Winteriser Algaecide from Total

Water Products is an extra strength long life copper free formulation designed specifically for winterising the pool when closing down at the end of the season. The product is effective over a wide pH range and is compatible with all recognised sanitisers and salt chlorinators. It kills and protects against all forms of algae for up to three months and is suitable for all pool types. SCP’s Acti range of chemicals offers the choice of a copper free or copper based long life winteriser, both available in 5ltr containers. SCP also supply the popular Fi-Clor range which includes a Multi- Functional Algaecide and the more specific Fi-Clor Winteriser. The Winteriser has been specially developed to help prevent algae and fungi when the pool is shut down for the winter. It can also help prevent the formation of scale and staining from dissolved minerals so the water and pool surfaces are in good order when the pool is re-opened in spring. It is compatible with all sanitisers, and will not affect the pH of the water.

A PROTECTIVE COVER-UP Covering a swimming pool over the winter months is vital and whether this is by simply shutting up an automated cover, making sure it is manufactured to withstand winter temperatures, or a debris cover that is

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