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Lovibond® will be demonstrating their full product range


Passion Spas will be displaying

many new products and announcing significant new features at Barcelona

components specifically to meet the demands of the harsh swimming pool environment. On their stand – F668 in Hall 3 – you can view their latest range of heat pumps and dehumidifiers as well as take the opportunity to discuss specific applications with Calorex’s team of qualified design engineers.

CERTIKIN INTERNATIONAL Certikin will once again have a major presence at Europe’s main international show of the year and will be proudly flying the flag. For Certikin’s Jon Maskell, it will be the first time at the Show in his new role as International Business Manager. “The Barcelona exhibition is a very important business event for us. The show allows us to meet many of our export customers and is an excellent opportunity to show our latest products.” This year’s stand will feature an impressive selection of products including Certikin’s white goods and its Wellness range. The latter offers a unique and highly comprehensive spa experience with a diverse choice of thermal bathing experiences, from hot and steamy to cold and invigorating. The more unusual equipment includes experience showers (offering special lighting, sound effects and fragrance systems), Rasul ‘mud’ rooms, hammam (a classic Turkish bath) and foot spas.


Fairlocks Pool Products staff will be assisting with the Covrex®

pool cover stand

in Barcelona. The product has been hailed as one of, if not the best fully insulated automatic swimming pool cover on the market… and it just keeps getting better. No extra cost is added for any of the four colours available so there is bound to be one that brings perfect harmony to the pool area. Of course it is not just about aesthetics and the key word around any pool is that of safety. The strength of the Covrex®

outdated hollow slats. With in-built all year round weather resistance, Covrex®

slats can

withstand extremes of temperature and still maintain their flexibility, so the cover does not need to be protected by an additional layer or removed from the pool even in temperatures of -40°C. Conversely the slats still keep their shape in temperatures up to 100°C. No archaic end caps to fall off or attract dirt, Covrex®

seams and no gaps, so preventing dirt and algae from taking hold.

The product can also boast the best fit, as the cover is finished onsite so that sizing is precise no matter what shape is required. Equally at home in domestic or commercial pools Covrex®

has all angles covered! LAMOTTE EUROPE

LaMotte Europe are proud to introduce an innovative new product into the international pool and spa market. The Waterlink Spin is a revolutionary professional water analysis laboratory that can achieve a full suite of water analysis in just 60 seconds. With just one sample of water the Waterlink Spin measures pH, total chlorine, free chlorine and seven other parameters of water chemistry and generates a full recommendation based report. The Waterlink Spin is faster, simpler and more accurate than anything that has gone before in the pool and spa water testing market. LaMotte Europe will be demonstrating

the Waterlink Spin on stand F619 at Piscina Barcelona.

LOVIBOND® TINTOMETER Barcelona offers the Lovibond® team the

opportunity to come together for this truly international event. Visit Hall 2, Booth E522 for a chance to meet staff from both the UK and Central Europe.

slats, plus

inimitable installation techniques ensures that the pool covers, are fully compliant under strict French safety standards NF P90- 308 appertaining to pool covers. No hollow promises here! Covrex®


are solid from end to end and have an average thermal conductivity of l= 0.12 W/ (m*K) so there is far less heat loss than with

They’ll be demonstrating the full Lovibond® product range, providing a choice for every water analyst; from easy-to-use visual kits for domestic users to the all-performing Pool Maxi photometers for public pool operators. When servicing a public pool, it is critical not only to measure (with extreme accuracy) but also to record and react to those results – traceability is paramount. The new

Lovibond® PM 600/PM 620 photometers

offer ergonomic, portable, waterproof designs to analyse up to 34 parameters anytime and anyplace. Results can be reviewed at any time and downloaded to a PC. With the award-winning Scuba II, domestic pool users can now benefit from the entrusted Lovibond®

technology at a profiles also have flexible

cost suited, of course, to the home owner. The new Scuba II is a small, compact, easy- to-use digital water tester for the five most important tests: free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, alkalinity and cyanuric acid. ‘Visual’ water testing still holds its appeal with the Lovibond®


2000 continuing to be extremely popular for Balanced Water Measurements. CHECKIT® Comparators, Minitesters, and 3-chamber testers complete the visual offering. And don’t forget PoolM8 – a Balanced

Water App available to download completely free of charge.


Passion Spas, the largest spa and swim spa manufacturer in Europe, is pleased to announce the addition of exciting new spa models to be introduced at the Barcelona Show. With over 20 spa and ten swim spa models to choose from, Passion Spas offers the most extensive collection of spas and swim spas in Europe. Additionally, the company stocks and ships a large quantity of barrel saunas, and has a spa parts division in its 10,000 metre state-of-the- art distribution centre in The Netherlands. The company will be displaying many new products and announcing significant new features at Stand F651 in Pavilion 2. New offerings include a deluxe, multi-room barrel sauna as well as their new full-body ‘Levitating Massage System,’ an entirely new concept in water massage therapy that is a first for the industry and a ‘must see’ for all show visitors. Known for exceptional quality, stunning designs and incredible value, Passion Spas has been establishing new dealers throughout Europe and, more recently, North America. The company is inviting all dealers to their stand to see first hand the exciting array of products and features being offered for 2014. SPN

SPN October 2013 79

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