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In August, Croydon Policeman Sergeant Dave Sutton, 56 was on holiday with his wife in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The couple were by their hotel pool when Mrs Sutton alerted her husband to a child that had been under the water for too long. Sergeant Sutton dived in – but was unable to pull the girl free. He realised her long hair was caught in an induction inlet for the pool’s filtration system, surfaced and shouted for something to free her with. He was handed shearing scissors and, after several attempts, managed to cut eight-year-old Delfina Alberdi‘s hair from the filter.

The girl appeared lifeless when he lifted her from the pool. He directed a hotel staff member to begin CPR while he performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Delfina, who was on a family holiday from Norway, was airlifted to hospital and went on to make a miraculous recovery.


A woman whose dog drowned in a neighbour’s swimming pool is campaigning for a change to the law to protect children and pets. Pamela Carlile, 54, from Surrey has launched a petition to get all swimming pools fenced-off following the death of her pet dog which disappeared one morning walk and was found dead after getting trapped underneath the cover of a neighbour’s unused swimming pool. The pool did not have any fence or barriers and is located in a garden without clear boundaries. Ms Carlile said: “We are very upset that we have tragically lost our dog so unnecessarily. “We are angry as well that it happened but could have been avoided if the pool had a proper cover or was fenced off.”

Counter-currents Provide More Than Just Exercise Benefits To Small Pools

During times like these, upselling can feel like you’re swimming against the tide, when ironically, it’s your customers who could (and should) be... We’re talking, of course, about counter-current units; pulsating underwater jet streams that, with a few chosen words, are one of the most sellable add-ons in the business. Pahlén’s Jet Swim 2000, available from Golden Coast, has been hailed as the ‘Rolls-Royce of counter-current units’ and the product is capable of much more than merely moving water around a pool. Counter-current units are an important feature for customers concerned about health and fitness. Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast, explains: “For swimmers, there’s nothing worse than swimming lengths in a crowded pool with overpopulated lanes. What’s really great about these systems is they make small pools much bigger. And, even better, you can swim all day long – at your own pace.”

The Jet Swim 2000 generates a mighty, yet adjustable, jet stream of up to 1,300 litres per minute. Once installed, swimmers can swim ‘on-the-spot’ against the artificial infinity jet currents to improve technique, performance, strength and endurance. “With the unit’s adjustable flow rates and patterns, it can be customised precisely to the customers’ physical fitness levels and goals,” says Jamie. But counter-currents do much more and this is where customers really get interested. Jamie says: “After an invigorating swim, bathers can relax in front of the Jet Swim as it creates a luxurious, quivering underwater shoulder massage, rehabilitating tired muscles and rejuvenating the weary,

while, for children, the tickling jets will add a dose of excitement.”

The Pahlén Jet Swim 2000 allows owners to individually adjust the water flow, jet stream pressure and the air flow mixture. With a bit of fine tuning, a refreshing current of tiny bubbles can be created. Pahlén’s Jet Swim 2000 is a high quality piece of kit that’s designed for new pool installations, but if you need to retrofit a counter-current, the Badu Jet Over the Wall series offers the perfect solution. Streamlined and compact, this series offers adjustable flow rates, directional nozzles and power controls to regulate the bubbles. Built-in LED lights are available in either moonlight white or multicolour.

There are three Badu Jet Over the Wall units to choose from, each with different maximum flow rates.

Golden Coast 01271 378100

Save Money, Save Time & Be Poo(l) Protected and the commercial swimming

A study from the Centers for Disease Control was recently released showing that e-coli, a faecal indicator, was detected in 58% of samples taken from public swimming pools – over half of public pools, it concluded are swimming (literally) with faecal matter. One of the greatest sources – baby and toddler poo – is an unwelcome problem for all leisure centres across the UK and globally; leaking bacteria is not only a major health risk but a costly accident when the entire pool has to be closed and cleaned – and although present, chlorine and other disinfectants don’t kill germs instantly.

This is a key concern for local authorities

sector which are constantly under pressure to save money and be economically viable. However, there is a simple, cost-effective solution; the Splash About Happy Nappy. Introduced over 12 years ago, this is the only swimming nappy on the market insisted upon by 99% of UK swim schools today, yet public pools have to date failed to embrace its effectiveness and grasp the positive financial and time-saving impact it can have on their business.

Made from supple neoprene with ribbed leg and waist bands, the Happy Nappy is a reusable swim nappy which prevents

the leaks of solids into the water. In

addition, it eliminates the risk of filter clogs caused from shredding disposable nappy fibres. The multi-award winning Happy Nappy is widely available from retailers but also sold to swim schools, local education authorities and leisure parks on a commercial basis in the UK and globally. In the case of nationwide swim school Water Babies, founder Jess Thompson commented: “I am not sure we could operate without the existence of Splash About. We teach more than 20,000 babies a week and insist that every one of them wears a Splash About Happy Nappy – ensuring completely leak free and therefore stress free sessions!”

Splash About 0845 528 0831

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