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theibcdaily Tuesday 17.09.13 65 Cubix set to take on Swedish persona In Brief Loft London Solutions

By Michael Burns FilmTech Sweden and Loft London Solutions have agreed at IBC to create a joint venture utilising the Cubix platform to service the Swedish content distribution market. Cubix is an asset management, orchestration and automation management system purpose-built for media and broadcast facilities. Announcing the name of the

venture as Loft Stockholm, Loft London MD James Gibson said Cubix would allow Swedish clients to have access to an online content management system for

Filmtech CEO Henrik Jonsson with James Gibson and Roger Harlow, Loft London Solutions

all assets, containing such diverse material as DCP film masters, artwork, scripts and synopses in one personalised central location. Due to the collaborative elements

of the Cubix platform, the partnership also opens a door for Loft London facilities clients to provide services for Loft Stockholm’s media clients.

“We are very happy to have such a strong development team to support us, with James Gibson in charge,” said Henrik Jonsson, owner of Filmtech. “Cubix is a fantastic platform that will change a lot of things for the better, for us and for our clients. We’re really looking forward to an exciting autumn with Cubix as a new base for all our content.” “It’s great to continue to grow our partnerships in EMEA,” said Roger Harlow, business development director for Loft London. “A partnership with a company such as Filmtech can fully exploit the geographical agnostic support of the Cubix platform.” 8.B16

The odd couple Advantech adds support DVB By George Jarrett

If there was a prize for an off-the- wall demonstration at the show the DVB might win with its combo of an HEVC encoded UHD TV stream with a T2-Lite mobile stream in a single 8MHz multiplex. Cracking this involved help from

Arqiva, Broadcom, the BBC, 3net, SES and the local Alticom TV tower. The smallest element is the DVBT2/T2 Lite demodulator dongle. In no way does the demo hint

that terrestrial might carry UHD. “This is not likely because with the current spectrum crunch you have to go for a mass audience, and 4K will not be mass audience any time soon,” said project coordinator Feyo Kolff (pictured).

“It is combining the T2 with the

HEVC which is a new element, and 4K another new element, and combining that with mobile low resolution,” he added. “Some people might not consider that 4K might fit into T2, but the maths makes sense because you see one 4K signal will be 25-30Mbps so it will fit into 8MHz okay.” The odd couple are two separate signals, and you see one channel, one transmission combining two streams. The mobile stream has its own parameters, settings and protection ratios. 1.D81

Cellular, WiFi, satellite and more Nucomm/RF Central

By Ian McMurray Live demos of the Dejero + Connect Live transmitter are taking place at the Nucomm/RF Central stand. The Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live next-generation camera-mounted transmitter enables broadcasters to transmit video over cellular, microwave, WiFi and satellite connections, offering ENG/OB teams a flexible alternative to traditional satellite and microwave links, according to the company’s VP of engineering and CTO John B Payne.

The Connect Live transmitter is described as a combination of Nucomm’s coded orthogonal

Advantech is showing a host of new products at IBC that support emerging video standards including HEVC, JPEG2000, 4K and 2K resolution and AVC-Intra and AVC-Ultra.

Included in the new releases

are the Advantech DSPC-8681 and DSPC-8682 PCIe cards which adopt multicore and programmable KeyStone multicore architecture from Texas Instruments (TI). These cards can support up to eight TMS320C6678 multicore DSPs from TI, each with 2GB of DDR3

1333/1600MHz 64-bit DDR3 memory, the PLX ExpressLane

Advantech By Will Strauss

PEX8748 PCIe Gen 3 switch, a Xilinx XC3S200AN Spartan-3 FPGA and an IDT CPS1616 Serial RapidIO Gen 2 switch to achieve levels of performance that far exceed the performance and density of commodity platforms.

Advantech is also showing how it can integrate multiple DSPC-8682 cards at the same time to enable greater flexibility in scaling JPEG2000 4K/2K encoding and decoding, meeting a range of video resolution and frame rates requirements. As far as AVC-Intra and Ultra

are concerned, Advantech is showcasing its DSPC-8681 card that performs AVC-Intra encoding at 1080p60 resolution with 10-bit colour and 4:2:2 sampling scheme. 9.C22

Dedicated to security Verimatrix

By Ian McMurray

Connect Live supports many communications protocols

frequency division multiplexing (COFDM) technology and Dejero’s patent-pending adaptive bitrate cellular bonding technologies and portal management system. Also on show is the Nucomm CPTx-II, a lightweight, compact, portable RF video transmitter that delivers HD/SD output at up to 8W in 2K DVB-T COFDM mode. 1.D40

“We may be the last company left standing that’s working exclusively on content security,” said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing office at Verimatrix. “We just do one thing – and we do it very well.”

The company now protects some 40 million screens worldwide and has, said Oetegenn, morphed into a company that provides the most comprehensive multi-network, multi-device security solution – a solution that is conceptually designed for a connected world. “Of those 40 million screens,

Maintenance-free solid-state server Toshiba is demonstrating a scalable, low power, playout server based on flash memory technology at IBC. On-Air Max Flash is a playout server that incorporates 64Gbit flash memory chips as recording and storage media. It has a file transfer speed of 800Mbps and supports 1080i, 720p, 480i and 576i format for ingest and play out, with file-based transfers able to be played out while they are still being ingested. An internal multi- converter allows users to specify separate formats for each individual output ports. The server supports MPEG2 Long GOP/ ALL-I and H.264 ALL-I (AVC-Intra) codecs, as well as MXF OP1a file format. 8.D16

Pirates, beware! Multi-screen video delivery solutions specialist SeaWell Networks has teamed with Civolution to add scalable, per-session watermarking for multi-screen and over- the top (OTT) services to SeaWell’s multi-screen security framework, called Spectrum.

With this move, the companies hope to provide more assurances to the television industry that their content is safe from piracy, while also striking fear into the hearts of would-be illegal downloaders. At the same time, it helps cut costs for pay-TV service providers by removing or reducing the risk of premium content piracy, which has a significant impact on their business. 14.182

LCD monitors to

the fore for OSEE Beijing’s OSEE is showing a wide range of LCD monitors at IBC2013 including the new HD multi-format LMW-173.

Steve Oetegenn: “Smart cards can be eliminated from the equation”

around 37 million are not smart card-based,” noted Oetegenn. “Smart cards can, to a large extent, now be eliminated from the equation,” he said, noting that over 500 IPTV operators use other methods of securing content. 4.A55

A 17.3-inch 1920x1080 backlight panel designed for studio and OB monitoring, the LMW-173 features 2-channel 3G-SDI input, 10-bit digital processing, 3D filter comb and de-interlacing processing.

Also on show are the company’s BCM series monitors, the 156, 215 and 230 plus the MVM series and a 10.1-inch full HD LCD monitor, the RM1024. 10.D59

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