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26 Tuesday 17.09.13 theibcdaily Codec offering includes MPEG-4 Prodys By Ian McMurray

Ikusnet ENG is described by its manufacturer Prodys as a highly versatile HD/SD MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 portable IP bidirectional video codec that allows live broadcast from anywhere, anytime, and supporting ad-hoc bandwidth aggregation of up to 11 IP links (8x3G/4G, Wi-Fi and dual Ethernet). The product features editing capabilities, two video inputs, two screens for monitoring of input/output/cuje video signals, and a separate bi-directional audio talkback channel, as well as an ASI interface for satellite communications. In order to fulfill as many applications as possible, Prodys has also developed a number of new video codecs, including Ikusnet BP, Ikusnet ST decoder, Ikusnet GW and Ikusnet E10/D10.

Ikusnet BP (BackPack) is a new, smaller and easy to carry

unidirectional portable video codec that is said to be an ideal partner to the new Ikusnet ST Decoder.

The new Ikusnet GW

(Gateway) gathers together the diverse streams coming from different IP routes (3G/4G, Ethernet, Ka Sat and so on) and re-streams the resulting assembled data not only to existing third party decoders, but also to WebTV/IPTV servers, or any IP MPEG-TS compatible system. Prodys is additionally showcasing the new Ikusnet E10/D10 for high quality video distribution over fixed IP links, featuring 4:2:2 Chroma sampling and 10-bit colour depth.

Also featured is what Prodys describes as its revolutionary new portable audio codec, Quantum. Quantum is claimed to be the only portable IP audio codec that mixes and compresses up to three stereo audio inputs or five mic/line mono inputs and supports bonding of up to sevenIP interfaces. 1.B30

News anywhere: Ikusnet ENG is an HD/SD MPEG4 AVC/H.264 portable IP bidirectional video codec

Multiple monitors are on display Wohler

By Will Strauss Wohler is using IBC2013 to demonstrate the capabilities of a diverse range of monitors including its DVM video displays. The broadcast-quality DVM family includes the DVM-4290, a 4RU system with two 9-inch screens; the DVM-3270, a 3RU system with two 7-inch screens; and the 2-RU DVM- 2443 with four individual 4.3-inch screens and


All of the DVM MPEG monitors provide at-a-glance monitoring of programme content from MPEG-2/4 ASI and Ethernet IP streams, as well as 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs. DVM video monitors decode and display MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 signals via BNC or Ethernet inputs while giving users the ability to browse the PAT, PMT, and PID data for each selected stream. Other monitors on show include the AMP1-MADIe, an in-rack portable MADI monitor unit with Ethernet control and

configuration, including compatibility with the Evertz Magnum facility control system. This display is offered for sports production and can be connected in series with a 56- or 64-channel MADI stream to

provide audible monitoring and metering of any eight selected MADI channels at once. Another audio monitor on display is the new AMP1-16M, a dual-input SDI device that provides for checking

LiveShot makes contribution Vortex Communications By David Fox

For contribution links over the public internet, Comrex’s new LiveShot IP Video codec uses diversity and bonding to provide live full duplex video even over contended connections.

Connection rates as low as 64kbps are possible and its diversity and bonding capability between multiple 3G/4G/WiFi adapters and Ethernet combines connections to provide sufficient connectivity for reliable realtime streaming.

When realtime is not possible, the system uses an SD card for later FTP upload. Using H.264 High Profile algorithms gives it lower latency connections at higher quality than Baseline H.264, with coding delays around 100ms even in HD.

Designed for mains-free use, LiveShot consumes just 8W,

weighs less than 2.5kg and has Bluetooth for wire-free connection to a local headset. WiFi allows local control and video monitoring from smartphones whilst the LiveShot Central Server lets users control their codecs remotely without the need for dedicated control circuits. 11.G11

Rack screens: Wohler’s DVM-3270, a 3RU system with two 7-inch screens

embedded audio in two 3G/HD/SD-SDI streams. Wohler’s flagship AMP2- E16V Series modular audio/video processing monitor is also on show. 10.B10

The dongle dangles: The new Comrex LiveShot can output via

multiple bonded cellular and IP connections

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