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46 Tuesday 17.09.13 theibcdaily First IBC showing for DMS Exset By Ian McMurray

Being shown for the first time in Europe is the latest version of the Digital Monetisation System (DMS) – DMS 1.0 - from ExSet. Exset is taking the opportunity provided by IBC to launch the integration of DMS with connected TV standard HbbTV. Being demonstrated on the M- Star stand, DMS is said to bridge the gap between technology and value-added services for digital TV deployments in emerging markets. Already installed in India and SE Asia and with opportunities in Africa, DMS allows digital television platforms to be created that can then be monetised in a new way where it was previously impossible, according to the company. The result is claimed to allow populations to benefit from new information and entertainment

Show me the (digital) money: Bridging the gap between tech and value-added services in emerging markets

before. Therefore, operators are not only relying on a very low subscription fee, but also on interactive transactions and information dissemination. DMS uses a popular application model that sees core processing carried out centrally, with content then distributed when the application is accessed via the TV screen. Low power set-top boxes can be deployed to receive services, opening up opportunities in emerging markets Already rolling out widely

services (where there is low PC penetration and internet usage), while partnering with governments and/or local businesses to achieve digital

switchover and bringing social transformation.

Allowing interactive services over and above TV via digital broadcast networks, Exset says

that DMS provides an incredibly low price point for operators, meaning that new revenues can be generated for operators where they weren’t possible

Support for IMF via metadata

AmberFin By Carolyn Giardina

AmberFin is demonstrating its iCR (Intelligent Content Repurposing) platform's support for IMF. The Interoperable Master Format is a SMPTE file format designed to create a single, standardised master bundle for distribution of versioned content between businesses into multiple territories. “With the iCR platform’s versioning functionality, you can create the metadata for IMF bundles so that you won't need to create a thousand copies of the same content to address

the need for a specific version for a specific audience plus format plus territory,” explained Bruce Devlin, CTO at AmberFin. “IMF provides the

specification to separate the content into various ingredients or components (namely, MXF media files), a number of ‘recipes’ (Composition Play Lists) and a selection of instructions (or Output Programme Lists) appropriate for each of those audiences,” he continued. “iCR then uses this metadata to take the right mix of ingredients, the right recipe and a tailored set of instructions to create a dedicated version for each market, without having to duplicate the master files.”

across Europe, HbbTV will provide an enhanced DMS experience where bandwidth allows. The use of this set-top box middleware also facilitates multi-device usage as DMS can be run on a browser, opening up a new world of possibilities for service providers. 4.C59

A fin romance:

AmberFin’s iCR now provides IMF support

Earlier this year, AmberFin Academy was launched as a free industry resource designed to address file-based

workflows. As part of the Academy, at IBC, AmberFin will demonstrate the latest version of its MXF Desktop, a free

software application that adds MXF awareness to PCs running Windows XP or Windows 2000. 7.H39

Converged Edge Router continues legacy ARRIS By Ian McMurray

Announced as being generally available not long before the show opened, the E6000

Converged Edge Router (CER) from ARRIS is said to continue the legacy of the C4 Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS). According to ARRIS, the E6000 CER delivers new levels of density and cost- effectiveness in a simple, robust

integrated architecture that has the capability to realise the vision of CCAP—the convergence of high-speed data, voice, and video service delivery from a single connector.

The company also claims it

provides superior efficiency in power consumption and cooling per channel, all with a fully redundant and fully integrated design that has no single point of failure. While the E6000 CER functions today as an ultra-dense high availability

CMTS, ARRIS said that it also successfully demonstrated the E6000 delivering converged services — simultaneously delivering high-speed data and MPEG video traffic on a single F connector — with hitless RF fail over capability.1.D31

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