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18 Tuesday 17.09.13 theibcdaily In Brief

Expanding in the Middle East Apantac recently teamed up with Dubai- headquartered

technology and services provider Digital Broadcast Solutions in an effort to grow its presence in the Middle East. “Our strategic partnership with Digital Broadcast Solutions enables us to extend our systems and support to a wider customer and partner base across the Middle East region,” said Michel Rudelle, Apantac’s EMEA regional manager. “We have trained our partners at DBS in the full range of Apantac equipment, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship.” 7.K21

scalers added Two new GefenPRO scalers are the HDVI to 3GSDI scaler and the 3GSDI to 3GSDI scaler. Both come with built-in frame synchronisers that provide scaling with Genlock for precise timing and signal conversion. The GefenPRO HDMI and DVI to 3GSDI scaler coverts either DVI or HDMI to 3GSDI with backwards compatibility with all SDI formats. 7.B30

Factory debut Online video platform Kaltura is showcasing its Player Factory, a new website for learning how to use its flexible and feature-rich Kaltura Video Player, which offers seamless delivery across all major devices. A key aspect of Kaltura’s Video Player is the ability to offer full feature parity between the company’s HTML5 player and Flash player, in order to provide the optimal viewing experience on any device. The new Player Factory will provide demos, integration guides, documentation and more, and will help Kaltura’s customers to create the optimal video player, says the developer. 3.B20c

Online Player Two new Gefen

StreamZ Live takes streaming to the field

Digital Rapids

By Carolyn Giardina German production services provider nobeo has deployed Digital Rapids’ StreamZ Live adaptive streaming encoders for live streaming production within its studios and in the field with its new @-car compact production vehicle.

Based in Hürth, Germany, nobeo provides studio production, outside production and post production services, including a fleet of mobile control units and HD outside broadcasting vans. With the development of the new @-car compact production vehicle, nobeo also offers broadcasting for event and business TV, plus live online streaming. One StreamZ Live encoder is deployed in the @-car for live

productions from the field, with additional StreamZ Live units in nobeo’s internet TV studios for producing live online shows. The encoders transform live HD source feeds into multiple output streams in a variety of resolutions, bitrates and formats for live OTT delivery as well as creating VoD assets.

“The Digital Rapids systems meet our expectations perfectly and are straightforward to use. In live situations in particular, it is extremely important to be able to rely on the technical components fully and entirely,” said Guido Amann, CTO at nobeo. “Alongside the technological benefits, it is worth highlighting the excellent support we have received. We wish more products were like this – being simple to use and accompanied by excellent support from the manufacturer.” 7.F33

Reduced space and power Harris Broadcast

By Dick Hobbs As part of a project to update the architecture of its transmitter products, Harris Broadcast is launching a new version of its Platinum Vax VHF transmitter. The company claims that the new version doubles the operating efficiency and halves the power consumption for VHF radio, television and DAB

broadcasters. The Platinum Vax low to medium power transmitters have already significantly reduced energy bills thanks to the PowerSmart architecture, including the use of LDMOS 50 volt power transistors. The new version is called PowerSmart 3D, and provides even better green performance, it is claimed, including the ability to use a single amplifier design for transmission across the whole VHF spectrum.

As well as reducing power consumption further, the new version is housed in a 2RU cabinet, rather than the 5RU cabinet of the previous generation.

This is likely to appeal to national broadcasters and network operators trying to fit new services into already crowded facilities. The compact design is also an aid where gap fillers need to be added in outdoor enclosures. “There has been an

overarching transition in the industry toward power-saving transmitters,” said Richard Redmond, vice president of product management and strategy, Harris Broadcast. “Harris Broadcast is staying ahead of the curve with PowerSmart 3D, delivering rock-solid reliability for VHF and DAB transmissions while delivering significant annual cost savings for our customers.” 7.G20

Kabel Deutschland gets turnkey project Teleste By Ian McMurray

Kabel Deutschland, the largest cable operator in Germany with a network serving approximately 8.5 million

households, has turned to Teleste subsidiary Cableway to carry out a turnkey project that includes provision of network design, documentation, maintenance, upgrades, access delivery services and network expansions. As part of the project,

Teleste’s products, including amplifiers and passives, were widely deployed. "We have been pleased with

the co-operation we have had with Cableway during the past years,” said Bernhard Fanger, head of supplier management at Kabel Deutschland.

“It has provided us with the

capacity to implement network improvements quickly in the field. It gives us a great deal of flexibility and helps to maintain a high level of subscriber satisfaction,” Fanger concluded. 4.B77

Life in the fast lane: The @-car supports live online streaming

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