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60 Tuesday 17.09.13 theibcdaily Assuring multiscreen QoE Mariner By Anne Morris

The carrier-grade Mariner xVu for multiscreen is designed to monitor the user experience throughout the entire TV delivery chain and across a wide range of devices and networks, significantly reducing operational costs for multiscreen TV.

This, says the developer, enables operators to increase customer satisfaction and

loyalty as well as to target expansion investments. Through a user-friendly interface, operators can view subscribers’ service performance to identify and isolate service issues quickly. Realtime and offline performance analytics and correlation of delivery networks to end-user devices allows operators to strategically target capacity expansion investments, reduce customer churn, and ensure a consistent user experience across all devices, Mariner adds. 14.530

Room with a xVu: Mariner xVu for Multiscreen

DVB-S2 migration is made easier Ayecka By Ian McMurray

The TM1-Pro DVB-S2 to DVB- S trans-modulator converts DVB-S2 signals to DVB-S and,

says its manufacturer Ayecka, solves the dilemma that arises from seeking the benefits of DVB-S2 but being concerned by the cost of migration. The company says that integrating the TM1-Pro with existing receivers (DVB-S VSAT or

IRDs) is quick and simple for data and video networks. Thanks to the Ayecka TM1-

Pro – which is an indoor unit, and which is installed by the end user between the LNB and the VSAT – the company says that operators of existing

DVB-S based VSAT networks can now easily migrate to DVB-S2 and take advantage of savings in operational costs; rather than replacing the VSAT itself, a simple and cost- effective upgrade can solve the DVB-S2 compliance

requirement. The new TM1-Pro trans-modulation solution from Ayecka is claimed to enable a smooth, quick, economical migration path to improve existing VSAT assets. Ayecka estimates that ROI is of the order of 5-7 months. 1.F67

Multitouch monitors make their European launch Toner Cable Equipment By Ian McMurray

Making their European debut at IBC are two ToteVision multitouch monitors from Toner Cable Equipment. Available in 55-inch and 70-inch Full HD and with a built-in PC and QAM TV tuner, they are said to be ideal for use in training and

Just about here: Toner’s monitors feature an inbuilt, Intel Core i5-based PC

education environments, in broadcast production, or in any application that benefits from on-board computing that utilises touch screen functionality. They can be supplied with optional ATA-style shipping cases for storage and transportation. The monitor/TV is mounted in the case with a hydraulic lift system for ease of use, with the case becoming the stand for the TV/monitor. The wide viewing angle

screens are LED backlight, and feature aluminosilicate (hardened) glass to prevent scratches and protect the display panel. Also included are a 3D adaptive comb filter; precise IR 4-point multi- touchscreen with no latency; Ethernet (RJ-45) and Wi-Fi connectivity. A wall mount bracket is provided, as is an IR remote control.

The inbuilt PC is configured with an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB DDR3 memory and 500GB hard drive. 4.B91

New Vista opens up today Studer

By Paul Watson Following on from Studer’s Vista 5, 6, 7 and 8 desks, the Vista 9 is said to take the operator experience to a higher level, as it supplements the Vistonics interface with radical TFT-based metering, FaderGlow.

The new metering gives

precision feedback on signal status, and the channel meters are able to show mono right through to 7.1 channel signals in the upper section of the screen, while the lower portion can show bus assignment – or for surround channels, an image of the surround composite – providing a clear and easily understandable display of the surround signal,

the company says. Alternatively, a History mode

records events such as overloads in the audio path of each channel, and highlights them in red on the channel waveform, so the operator can review which channel had such an event, up to 30 seconds after the event has occurred.

Furthermore, all stereo inputs and stereo masters

have a correlation meter bar above the bargraph display. Each touch-sensitive TFT

Vistonics screen shows 10 channel strips, with rotary encoders and switches mounted directly onto the screen, which have been designed to provide the operator with ‘where you look is where you control’ ergonomics. According to Studer, Vista

9’s dual PSUs and dual control system ensures that component failure doesn't mean loss of control over the mix, while a redundant network system keeps up the vital communication to the DSP core.

The console also integrates with other Studer Vista and OnAir consoles as well as routers by making use of the RELINK network technology; and communication to third- party control systems is also provided. 8.D60

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