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6 Tuesday 17.09.13 theibcdaily

In Brief Box of news

PlayBox Technology has introduced a newsroom production system, NewsRoomBox, at IBC. According to PlayBox, the system provides all the facilities required for efficient newsroom management, story creation and studio control. It allows live and pre-recorded content to be united to create news programmes using text, video, audio, photos and incoming data. Video trimming can be performed with single-frame precision. NewsRoomBox can handle multiple content sources including live Newswire, RSS and Atom feeds. 8.C30

LCDScopes to help

ABN-CBS HD move Distributor GenCom Technology has sold 31 Hamlet LCDScope HDWVAs to Asian systems integrator WAM Pacific, it was revealed at IBC2013.

The test and measurement tools will be installed at the Manila facility of ABN-CBS in the Philippines as part of the broadcaster’s move from SD to HD. The LCDScope

HDWVA is a multi-format, waveform and vectorscope with four audio bargraphs and polar audio displays that works with both NTSC and PAL. The spec includes composite, component (YCrCb RGB) and HD and SD-SDI. 9.D10

New SVP H.264 multifunction transmitter

Launching at IBC is SVP Broadcast Microwave’s new H.264 multiband multifunction transmitter, the HDT-02_H.264. It features H.264 4:2:2 encoding for high and standard definition signals, and works on a massive frequency range from 474MHz to 5100MHz, while allowing simultaneous terrestrial and satellite transmission.

This small transmitter performs DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 modulations. An L band IF output is available which enables the user to employ the transmitter as a satellite encoder and modulator unit. 2.C55

LTE Tower Overlay could solve bandwidth problem

Conference Analysis By Ann-Marie Corvin

As the spectrum battle between broadcasters and telcos ensues and cellular networks become more clogged with video data, one firm claims to have the answer. Technische Universitat Braunschweig has developed a hybrid modulator which generates a DVB-T2 signal with LTE-A embedded to transmit live, high- bandwidth content to mobile and broadcast networks in parallel. Speaking to the What Caught My Eye team from his stand, the German firm’s managing director Ulrich Reimers explained why his product met the “very real need “ to avoid wasting bandwidth frequencies. “Video will increasingly be watched live but that’s a lot of data

being transmitted to a device on a tablet. And what we’ve learned from the past is that the industry will not include specific hardware – so broadcaster transmitters may provide the answer. “The Tower Overlay over LTE-A includes a TV signal but also a version of the LTE standard – LTE Advanced – so that a standard broadcast receiver picks up the TV

signal while the tablet picks up the cellular signal,” he added. While the product is sill in development and will require further tweaks in the LTE standard to work, Fraunhofer’s Dr Uwe Kuhhirt – guest presenter of Monday’s What Caught My Eye session – acknowledged it was “a very good idea to solve the bandwidth problem”.

Filter gets the drop on rain: The problem of wiping raindrops from a camera lens will be solved by a filter that doesn’t even let the drops form, to help maintain a clear view. The Tokina Hydrophilic Coating Filter is made from hardened optical glass, coated with a photocatalyst layer, topped with the hydrophilic layer, which is self cleaning and claimed to be “extraordinarily durable”. It and will be available early 2014 as 77mm, 82mm, 86mm, 95mm, 105mm, 112mm and 127mm round filters with an ultra-thin frame for use with wide-angle lenses, as well as 4x4, 4x5.6 and 6.6x6.6 large-format versions. 11.A30

BroadStream deal paves way for automation in US

OASYS By Michael Burns

High speed 4K: The new Phantom Flex4K can deliver 1000 frames per second high-speed video at 4K resolution (4096x2160) and twice that in HD. The super 35mm sensor digital cinema camera will ship next month and also features all-new hot-swappable Phantom CineMag IV storage in sizes up to 2TB. It outputs the uncompressed Cine raw format for maximum

quality, but Vision Research plans to introduce in-camera compression via a firmware update in early 2014. It also has 3G HD-SDI video outputs for use with external recorders. A new, full-featured on-camera control interface means that all camera parameters can be set from the menu on the right side of the camera body, eliminating the need for software connection on set. Shortcuts are available for popular functions and multiple user presets allow for a quick setup. Other features include: up to 64GB of internal memory; three main 3G HD-SDI outputs configurable as independent 4:4:4 1080p signals or used together to supply a dual-link 4K output while maintaining a live HD signal; and a new OLED HD viewfinder. 11.D47

OASYS Automated Playout has completed an exclusive deal with BroadStream Solutions, allowing it to expand its reach in the US. Atlanta-based BroadStream

offers a range of playout solutions that it has developed in collaboration with broadcast and IT software specialists. Comprising more than 50 years of experience, BroadStream brings together the expertise of delaPlex Software with OASYS and Video Technics product suites under one banner. BroadStream has commenced sales of its own product line of ingest, MAM, news, video server and workflow software for broadcasters, as well as the full OASYS set. OASYS said the BroadStream ethos was a commitment to excellence in

SI ready for business OKNO-TV

By Will Strauss Russia’s OKNO-TV is using IBC as a springboard to launch its systems integration services internationally. With a UK office now fully operational, the

22-year-old company is targeting EMEA and beyond with what it regards as a fresh approach to systems integration. OKNO-TV sales and marketing

director Alex Collins told The IBC Daily: “The market is changing, especially with technologies like IP, and systems integration is changing too. It’s not just about

broadcast. It’s more commercial, more global. We’re setting ourselves apart from the competition by being creative with our solutions, providing value-for-money and majoring on customer service. It’s all about attention to detail. Our message at IBC is that we are ready for business.”

BroadStream CEO Manish Sachdeva and Mark Errington, CEO OASYS

customer service with 24-hour support provided from offices in four countries.

OASYS CEO Mark Errington, who takes up a position on the board of BroadStream, said: “Aligning with a development organisation with significant experience in non-broadcast IT projects shows our commitment to use the best of the IT world with the best of the broadcast world to offer unified solutions.” 8.B16

OKNO-TV’s international office opened in January 2013. Based in London’s Heathrow, it is headed up by managing director John Flay. Former Evertz solutions architect Chris Brannon leads the technical team as head of engineering. The vendor-independent company is looking to target file- based workflow and MAM projects particularly in live production, across studios, news facilities and OB as well as stadium AV. 9.C30

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