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20 Tuesday 17.09.13 theibcdaily All-in-one smart assistant runs ProRes Ovide By David Fox

The new Ovide Smart Assist HD2 is a comprehensive video assist unit that includes a 22- inch Full HD touchscreen monitor, with 40 hours of internal recording using Apple’s ProRes codec, and running the widely used QTake HD video assistance software. Previously, running QTake HD

required computers, capture cards, monitors, and was AC powered, but Ovide, QTake HD’s Spanish distributor, has packed it into a 19kg 11cm- thick unit that can be powered by anything from 10V to 30V (with two regular camera batteries on the back). Smart Assist has inputs for two cameras, but users can link up to eight systems controlling up to 16 cameras, all of which will record and playback simultaneously, at a click. Clips

can also be played back on an iPad, independently of the files being played/recorded on the Smart Assist.

It detects when cameras start and stop, to automatically record while playing back takes. When playing back one take, the system looks for the matching pair of the other camera and plays them back in sync. For 3D productions, it can be used without the need of Stereobrain or similar 3D processing hardware, allowing users to adjust convergence, preview 3D, measure differences, etc.

Included Composite Room

software allows chroma key, blending and wipes, using pre- recorded or imported clips, stills, or CGI imagery. It can also edit and colour correct (importing LUTs from finishing software such as daVinci), as well as compensating for anamorphic lenses, move images, rescale, etc. 11.D21

Smart idea: Ovide’s new Smart Assist HD2

FISU games broadcast for TGVN RRSat By Ian McMurray

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) Summer Universiade’s live events and programming was recently broadcast in HD for The Global Video Network (TGVN) by RRsat Global Communications Network. The games and

supplementary materials were delivered from Kazan, Russia to ESPN for broadcast on ESPNU and ESPN3.

FISU Summer Universiade is

an international sporting and cultural festival that is staged every two years in a different city. Almost 10,000 student athletes, representing universities from about 160

countries throughout the world, participated in hundreds of games and events over the 12 days of the Universiade. RRsat was engaged by TGVN to deliver 65 live games as well as additional programming to ESPN, using cost-effective solutions that successfully delivered up to four simultaneous live events. Resources from RRsat teleports in Hawley, Pennsylvania and in Israel, were activated in concert to ensure that delivery of all events would be seamless. “In RRsat, TGVN found an outstanding partner for delivering live Summer Universiade games from the city of Kazan in HD,” said Craig Jonas, COO of TGVN. “RRsat met our rigorous demands to deliver multiple

games concurrently in realtime, together with supplementary material, without a hitch—and at reasonable cost.” 1.A23

Travelling tablet for testing

Rover Instruments By Michael Burns

Rover Instruments is demoing the HDProtab STCOI, a new broadcast HD analyser for DVB- TS, T2 LITE, C2, S2 & ATSC,

ISDB-T, GB20600 and J83B. The compact analyser comes in a tablet format, featuring a 10.2in, 16:10 TFT display, which has very high brightness (1.500 cd/sqm). The display is touchscreen, but the meter also accepts mechanical commands, such as direct keys

The opening ceremony of the FISU 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan, Russia (Sean Christensen, BTI Events)

and an encoder, to allow fast icon navigation. Powered by 10Amp Li-Ion Polymer batteries that allow 6- hour battery life, it features two IF/RF input connectors and a full MPEG 2/4 SD/HD decoder, as well as extensive measurement features.

A future application on show for the HDProtab is its new HD Prodrive Test software. This is a test solution for fast and accurate, terrestrial broadcast network coverage analysis and for DVB-T2 mobile and stationary multichannel measurements. 8.C49

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