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4 Tuesday 17.09.13 theibcdaily In Brief Major SI merger

produces sonoVTS German system integrator and broadcast rental company of 25 years, sono, is conducting significant changes within its ranks as new directors step into the fold as part of a merger with VTS Studiotechnik GmbH. This culminates in one new entity: sonoVTS GmbH, whose mission statement going forward is to ‘mind the difference’.

The four members and

shareholders of the company are Gottfried Duren (sono’s MD), Stefan Gnann (MD, VTS), Stefan Kromer (sono’s head of engineering), and Franz Olbert (sono’s CFO). 8.C81

Simplified simulcast

In an IBC debut, Miranda is demonstrating its new IP Simulcast Output functionality for iTX. The mezzanine-encoded IP signal output resides alongside the standard SDI channel output on the iTX hardware. Miranda said the production of the encoded stream within iTX improves playout efficiency, as the stage has traditionally required an additional downstream encoder. 8.D41

Adder Technology offers UK post

production survey Adder Technology has partnered with TVBEuropeto conduct a survey of UK post production needs and concerns. The 10-question survey hopes to gain insight into how the UK industry is likely to develop and what the future technology requirements of the post production sector might be. With much of UK post

production clustered around Soho, some of the most expensive rental property in the UK, and where room for physical expansion is limited, are we likely to see post houses migrating to other locations? Is there too much already invested in those sites to make a mass exodus impractical? And if Soho is to remain a post production centre, how do sites plan to get the most out of their current facilities? Results of the survey will be written up in TVBEurope. Professionals can contribute to the survey at: postprosurvey

Conference Analysis By Kate Bulkley

In the gadget-rich and app-heavy session ‘Smart Viewers, Dumb Screens’, the power of mobile technology to inspire people to create cool stuff was very much in the frame. From wiring up public screens to interact with passersby’s movements, to adding €220 of kit to an iPhone to create a quasi-professional mobile recording and editing tool, there were many examples of how technology advances are allowing creativity to blossom.

“It was only four years ago that the tablet launched and who knew how much they would change the world,” observed David Wood, futurist and principal at Delta Wisdom. “There will be more and more apps and app- cessories and the broadcast industry has to realise this is

Supercharging screens

happening faster than the industry has been able to move, so it needs to get its skates on.” A Dutch conceptual artist showcased an art festival where all the installations were virtual and could only be seen through a mobile screen equipped with the proper app that included the virtual overlays, while Simon Morice of ICM Reporting showcased his iPhone recording studio by interviewing the panelists and quickly creating an edited story that he uploaded to the web.

Screens, including the TV screen, are being “hijacked” for creative uses, by all kinds of apps, said session moderator Ken Blakeslee of WebMobility Ventures. “I don’t think it is for the

broadcasting industry to figure all of this out,” said Tom Weiss, CEO of Genius Digital. “The consumer is figuring it out. I think it is about learning what is successful and how to measure it that we should be focusing on, because that is what we should be tailoring the new broadcast services to.”

IO focuses on broadcasting

IO Industries By David Fox

IO Industries has a new lens adaptor to allow its miniature cameras to take Canon EF-mount lenses. “It’s an active adaptor, meaning we can remotely control the lens,” explained Andrew Searle, IO’s global sales manager. “We’re really trying to focus on

broadcasting,” he added, so there is now a third-party remote control panel (from Polecam) which is “really important for OB integration” for the 2K Raw or

Connexions Winners

IBC is running a series of competitions for members of IBC Workflow Connexions. Get Noticed: Everyday, club members can win a 16GB iPod Nano for wearing their lanyard around the show. Today’s winner is Elio Tamogami from Sondait. Today’s Top Networker: The top networker and winner of an 16GB iPad Mini is Alistair Owen from Cinesys Oceana.

All winners are announced in the IBC Workflow Connexions portal, so make sure you log in to find out if you have won one of our amazing prizes!

IBC Workflow

10-bit 4:2:2 1080 50/60p camera. “We’ve had a lot of interest for live sports, especially for shooting special angles for viewing on second screen apps at home,” he said. IO Industries has recently gained distribution through Symbiosis in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which means it will now be much more readily available and better supported throughout Europe. 11.A75

Searle: IO’s tiny 2KSDI camera can now be fitted with EF-mount lenses

Making Connections: Aframe’s Paul Barker connects with Barbara Main, operations manager at AMWA, as part of IBC Workflow Connexions, an exclusive new club for networking and information gathering. Using NFC-enabled ‘Touch & Connect’ technology, the 1,000+ Workflow Connexions club members have been able to exchange data about each other – and gather Workflow Solutions seminar session (Hall 9) videos with a single touch of their portable devices. Hall 9


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Telegenic OB for rugby: UK OB producer Telegenic is equipping its fleet with eight HDC-2500R cameras bought through Sony specialist dealer WTS with a finance scheme by Fineline, ahead of a busy sports season including BT Rugby League and Rugby Union contracts. Pictured: Olivier Bovis, head of AV Media Marketing, Sony Professional Solutions; Duncan Payne, sales manager, WTS Broadcast; Terry James, operations director, Telegenic; Gareth Wilding, sales director, Fineline. 12.A10

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