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56 Tuesday 17.09.13 theibcdaily Rack-mounting Macs & more

Sonnet By Carolyn Giardina

The xMac mini Server and xMac mini Server 2H, which mount a Mac mini inside a 1U rackmount enclosure and connect two PCI Express2.0 slots, are both on show from Sonnet Two Thunderbolt ports — one to connect the PCIe slots to the Mac mini and a second for daisy-chaining other Thunderbolt devices — are integrated. Panel-mount HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, and two USB 3.0 cables are included to connect the ports on the back of the Mac mini to ports on the

back of the xMac mini Server. The company is also showing its Qio line of desktop and portable professional, high- speed media readers, now available with new Thunderbolt

interface options. The original Qio

supports major HD video memory card formats in a compact device, reading from various memory cards including SxS, P2, CompactFlash, SDHC and SDXC. Sonnet is highlighting the Qio CF4 four- slot CompactFlash card reader, and the Qio E3 three-slot SxS card reader, both able to support concurrent file ingest

from all slots. In

addition, Sonnet has the Qio MR on display, a compact mobile rack device for PCs to support HD video memory card formats. Sonnet’s exhibit also includes

its Tempo SSD and Tempo SSD Pro PCI Express 2.0 SATA cards to which one or two

solid-state drives are directly attached; Presto 10GbE 1-Port and Presto 10GbE Server 2- Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express cards; Fusion RX1600 Vfibre and RX1600Fibre shared storage systems, and the

Mac inside: Sonnet’s xMac mini Server

Fusion DX800RAID Thunderbolt Edition direct-attached storage system. 7.G02

New range of LogServers on show Mediaproxy

By Carolyn Giardina A range of LogServer technologies for logging and monitoring – which includes a new mobile client app and

content matching capabilities – is on show from Mediaproxy. LogServer IP is an extensible native MPEG streaming server. With software-based MPEG2/4 multiviewers and multichannel MPEG review, it allows access to the transport streams via Monwall IP and LogPlayer IP

client applications. The latest v1.5 of LogServer

IP includes ‘Tivostyle’ scheduled native MPEG recording, and extended transport stream monitoring with an update of the Monwall hybrid multiviewer. Scalable to hundreds of single and multi-

programme transport streams across a linked network of servers, LogServer IP also integrates with LogServer ASI.

The company is additionally

previewing LogServer ASI version 8.1, which includes video fingerprinting for content

matching. Also featured is LogPlayer Mobile, which provides live streaming and playback from any connected LogServer system across all available channels. It’s available as both a native iOS and Win RT app. 7.J07

Multi-million contract with FOX Asia Broadcast Satellite By Ian McMurray

FOX International Channels Philippines Corporation (FIC) has signed a multi-year and multi-

million dollar contract for MCPC services with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS). The deal also includes playout and satellite capacity on ABS-1 and ABS-2

satellites. ABS said that it has made a significant investment in ground infrastructure and in the installation of digital television playout facilities in Subic Bay, Philippines as well as Hong Kong, and that it is able to support FIC’s playout

New transcoders for enhanced streaming

Casting a spell: Motama’s end-to-end solution for OTT and IPTV

requirements with the most advanced automation systems, playout servers, encoders, multiplexing and encryption systems in the industry. The Subic Bay facility was enhanced with its services specifically tailored to support

FIC’s Philippines operations. FIC signals will be relayed to ABS’ Subic Bay teleport where the channels will be uplinked to the ABS-1 satellite. ABS will provide a comprehensive integrated broadcast 24x7 solution for FIC. 5.C11


By Anne Morris Motama is introducing its new high-density transcoder, the CodecCaster 8000 HD, which allows the transcoding of up to 80 channels in SD resolution or 16 in HD resolution within a single unit at what is said to be a competitive price. The company is also showcasing its new product line of PolyCaster servers, which enable the distribution of live streams to a broad range of devices, including PC browser,

mobile phones, tablets, and set- top boxes.

PolyCaster supports the major streaming formats and protocols, including Adaptive Bitrate Streaming with HTTP Live Streaming. Within Motama’s backbone, PolyCaster is used as edge server for OTT streaming via the internet. PolyCaster can be combined with Motama's DVB gateways (TVCaster),

transcoders (CodecCaster), and servers for content distribution (RelayCaster). This backbone is demonstrated with middleware from Beenius, and set-top boxes from Albis Technologies. 14.582

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