‘We have enjoyed three-digit growth in the UK’

The bosses at TCL didn’t let a challenging 2020 knock their confidence. We saw a host of new innovations at IFA and the brand continues to push product development forward, with impressive results. Jack Cheeseman hears all the latest.


In September last year, we heard big news from TCL at IFA Berlin around its latest TV technologies, namely the debut of its AiPQ Engine Gen 2, its newest intelligent advancement in audio visual optimisation. We also saw additions to its 2020 QLED TV range, including the IMAX Enhanced and 8K Association certified X915, and the EISA Award winner 65C815, as well as TS9030 Dolby Atmos Ray Danz soundbar and the TS8111 Dolby Atmos soundbar. It’s been a very busy few months for TCL, and as

Frederic Langin, European Vice President, Sales and Marketing, tells ERT, despite the pandemic having disrupted a lot of industries, consumer electronics sales increased significantly during 2020. “Following high street retailers’ shop closures during

the lockdown, consumers have bought massively online,” he says, “and they continued to do so when the shops re-opened again in June.

“At TCL, we have enjoyed three-digit growth in the

UK thanks to our strengths in the online sales channels, our ‘affordable premium’ customer positioning and a wider smart TV product portfolio, with flagship models being our smart Android series and our QLED models.”

Mr Langin also reported at IFA 2020 of “impressive”

TV sales figures earlier on last year – a significant volume increase of 100 per cent in the UK. Bernie Chen, TCL’s UK Country Manager, says the

company has enjoyed strong sales growth while adding more distribution channel coverage and better brand visibility with its UK brand ambassador, Harry Kane. “We insist on being completely orientated towards

our customers and we will continue to bring more and more affordable premium products to more British families,” says Mr Chen.

Closer to the action

Looking at some of the latest innovations from the Chinese manufacturer in more detail, at IFA we were introduced to two new product ranges. One was the 75-inch X91 8K television with Dolby Vision content offering true to life colours reproduced by QLED technology, specular highlights thanks to the very high brightness of 1,000 nits, plus infinitive contrast due to the full array of backlight. Marek Maciejewski, TCL’s Product Development Director

for Europe, adds: “It is our first 8K TV where we have blended the functionalities and end-user needs of a high- end TV set. 8K creates a sense of ‘being there’, you can come very close to the screen and you have a feeling that

The C81 QLED television

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