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Sales Representative Award Winner Jonathan Stretch

Beko/Blomberg 16

“It feels fantastic – it really is THE award to win”

all his customers and their businesses that is unique to their relationships. And of course, 2020 threw up a

number of challenges for such a face- to-face job, but he didn’t let that stop him carrying on as normal as possible. “Despite not being able to physically

Jonathan Stretch has been working at Beko for four years. He is Regional Sales Manager covering the North West, North East and parts of Yorkshire. Mr Stretch was voted as the winner

of the Sales Representative Award this year by electrical retailers through ERT’s unique online voting platform. Upon being originally nominated and

recommended for this award, one anonymous source wrote: “Jonathan is the perfect Sales Representative. He’s not just there to sell products, if there are any problems he sorts them out immediately. He’s a genuine guy who does everything he’s supposed to – and beyond.”

Speaking to ERT following this year’s

virtual Awards, Mr Stretch said he feels “extremely proud”. “It feels fantastic – it really is THE

award to win. I want to thank all my customers that have taken the time to vote for me. “I always try to go the extra mile for

my customers. As someone who worked in electrical retail for 17 years I believe I understand the challenges my customers face and always do my best to support them.” With regard to his own personal

attributes and attitude towards his role, Mr Stretch said he has built a huge number of “fantastic” relationships over the years and he believes it’s his deep understanding of

visit my customers for most of the year,” Mr Stretch continued, “I have embraced new ways of communicating. This has meant that my relationships have not been impacted by the lack of face-to- face interaction. “I think it’s great that the ERT

Awards still went ahead; it’s been such a hard year, that any respite like this that celebrates success is such a welcome addition. It was a fantastic event considering the challenging world we currently live in. It is so important that the ERT

Awards took place again this year. I really believe in celebrating success. It’s important to recognise innovative new products and the hard work of the

industry and those unsung local heroes – retailers/businesses that really go the extra mile.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED in this category went to Meena Toor from Humax UK

Huge congratulations to Jonathan! A very deserving winner of such a high profile award category!

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