Best New Product – Major Domestic Appliances Winner Liebherr Monolith EKB 9471 refrigerator and EGN 9171 freezer


“At the ERT Awards we can collectively pause and recognise our achievements of the past year”

electronic touch-control panel,

InfinitySwipe; also InfinitySpring, an integrated, flush-mounted internal water dispenser; and IceMaker. Monolith

has already been

recognised at the iF Design Awards, and reception across the UK has been “fantastic”, the manufacturer said. Electrical retailers agreed, as it was

voted the Best New Product in the Major Domestic Appliances category at this year’s ERT Awards. Tim Hutchinson, Appliance Divisional

Liebherr has been at the forefront of the refrigeration market for more than 60 years. Last year, the German manufacturer introduced Monolith, calling it a “ground- breaking” new refrigerator. Standing at 2.1 metres tall, Monolith

is engineered to make unique design statements and bring new dimensions to the world of built-in appliances. Features include BioFresh Plus drawers with climate control; an intuitive

Manager at Liebherr Great Britain (pictured), told ERT that the whole team was “immensely proud” to pick up this award. “From the moment we put the

submission together there was a real buzz around the office which grew and grew as the nomination process went on. “Monolith sets a new benchmark in

luxury performance refrigeration and is a real celebration of our heritage in cooling products. There was a lot research and advanced concept work

undertaken to pinpoint the needs and high performance demands of a typical Monolith user.” Mr Hutchinson said he believes

Monolith won because it showcases what Liebherr’s expert product team can do using the finest materials available to them. “We are refrigeration specialists and this

shines right through the many technical features and ultra-premium details. “But let me also congratulate the

other brands in this category this year who developed some outstanding products that have really enriched the market and consumer choice.” When asked for his thoughts on this

year’s virtual ERT Awards ceremony, Mr Hutchinson simply


“Absolutely brilliant!” “For a digital awards ceremony to

run so smoothly and have easy-to-use functions for interactions on social media was seriously impressive and we thank everyone at ERT for making it possible with the huge effort they put in.

“As an industry we faced many

difficult challenges in 2020 and showed a lot of

resilience; it’s awards

ceremonies like the ERT Awards where we can collectively pause and recognise our achievements of the past year.” Looking ahead, next year brings the launch of Monolith Wine columns!

Montpellier picked up the HIGHLY

COMMENDED award in this category for its MTD30P tumble dryer

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