ERT AWARDS 2020 26

Best New Product – Small Domestic Appliances Winner Miele Triflex HX1 3-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

“Everyone at Miele is so thrilled to have won this award, particularly

because it’s an ERT award!”

Miele’s first ever cordless handstick vacuum cleaner – the Triflex HX1 – was introduced to retailers in February 2020 at Studio Wayne McGregor where multi-award- winning British choreographer and director, Wayne McGregor CBE, created a refreshing, artistic interpretation inspired by the key features of the HX1. Feedback following the event was

extremely positive… “Stunning,” one attendee said. The unique three-in-one design of

this vacuum cleaner offers a choice of three setup configurations; Comfort Mode for upright cleaning of large floor areas, Reach Mode for ceilings and bookcases, and Compact for quick clean ups and upholstery. It also leaves the air cleaner than before use due to lifetime filters – these

trap over 99.9 per cent of fine dust and over 99.95 per cent of allergens for a spotless clean. In addition, the removable battery

offers uninterrupted cleaning for up to 60 minutes (entry and Cat & Dog models) and 120 minutes with the top- of-the-range Pro model, which comes with two batteries. The Triflex HX1 3-in-1 was voted by UK

electrical retailers as the Best New Product in the Small Domestic Appliances category at this year’s ERT Awards. “Everyone at Miele is so thrilled to

have won this award,” commented Max McCormick, Category Manager at Miele GB (above), “particularly because it’s an ERT award and we know the importance of the independent trade in making this product a success. “Recognition is a really important – part of creating healthy competition and

ensuring we all continue to develop and do things better than before, which is perfectly aligned to Miele’s Immer Besser philosophy… to be forever better in all that we do. “The ERT Awards are validation that

we are making progress,” added Mr McCormick. “On a very simple level, the Awards help the trade to quickly identify the best products for their customers, amongst a crowded market place.” Mr McCormick believes the HX1 3-

in-1 has delivered value to the handstick market, opening up completely new price segments. Not to mention its various cleaning abilities – in upright, compact and reach modes. “Consumers love it,” he went on. “It is

convenient, easy to use and is the only vacuum cleaner a household needs. “Congratulations to ERT for its resourcefulness and creativity in delivering

a compelling virtual awards ceremony that still created all the excitement and suspense of a live event.”

January 2021

Ewbank’s AIRSTORM1 2-in-1 Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner

received the HIGHLY COMMENDED nod

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