January 2021

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Best Independent Electrical Retailer Website Winner

RDO (Kitchens & Appliances)

“To get a taste for the quality of electrical retailers we have in the industry today, look at the businesses shortlisted for the 2020 ERT Awards”

winning the Best Independent Electrical Retailer Website category. “We operate in a very competitive

RDO is a true omni-channel retailer, managing the interplay between bricks and mortar and ubiquitous smartphones to achieve a seamless customer experience. The retailer has explored methods of

value creation through its online channel to make it less of a search engine for product and more of a route to discovery. It did this through compelling product descriptions, captivating lifestyle imagery, a live chat facility to connect consumers with product experts, over 1,300 informative glossary terms and hundreds of aspirational product feature videos. It also has a perfect 5/5 Trustpilot rating from over 2,600 reviews (correct October 2020). Chris Sargant, Manager at RDO

Kitchens & Appliances, said early last year when Coronavirus hit it left many businesses grappling to understand how consumer trends would evolve and ultimately shape our new world of retail. RDO initially suffered a difficult first quarter but then its committed four- man web team worked tirelessly throughout lockdown to successfully launch RDO’s new website on 1 July. “This proved to be transformational

for our business, resulting in consecutive record-breaking months and a 192 per cent increase in online sales versus the same period in 2019!” “After such a challenging year, we are

so grateful to have been recognised by our industry peers for this prestigious award,” Mr Sargant told ERT after

industry. To get a taste for the quality of electrical retailers we have in the industry today, you need only look at

the businesses shortlisted for the 2020 ERT Awards. There were some beautiful websites shortlisted for this award; on ours, I would like to think the

judges simply recognised the extraordinary efforts made by our web team to turn the tide on what started out as an incredibly challenging year. “This was my first ERT Awards

ceremony and I absolutely loved it. “Those businesses fortunate enough to

win an ERT trophy will benefit from the credibility, marketing opportunities and talent attraction/retention that the award brings.”


The team at RDO with their ERT Awards trophy

Well done to RDO for winning the Best Independent Electrical Retailer Website award, congratulations!

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