January 2021

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Best Independent Consumer Electronics Retailer Winner Powerhouse (Jersey Electricity)

19 “I think it’s our willingness to invest

Occupying a former power station site in Jersey, Channel Islands, Powerhouse (Jersey Electricity) offers a 12,500sq ft ‘out of town’ retail park style store. The showroom covers MDA, SDA, TV, cook shop and smart home, as well as cameras, gaming, even electric bikes… and more. In the past year the retailer has invested

£450,000 into a smart home and heating demonstration area and the product displays encourage customers to get hands-on with the technology. It also installed in-house designed Alexa and Google Assistant POS to highlight the capabilities of voice activated technology. While in lockdown this year, many of the staff adopted new roles to support

the business online. Sales assistants became pickers and packers, delivery drivers, call centre operators and bloggers. The business transformed overnight from a traditional retailer to a pure e-commerce business with a free next-day contactless delivery service. Not only was Powerhouse a finalist at

the ERT Awards 2019, this year it went one step further and was awarded the trophy for Best Independent Consumer Electronics Retailer… just one of three accolades it has received this year! “It feels amazing to win this award,”

said Gavin Murphy, Head of Retail at Powerhouse. “I couldn’t be more proud of the team! All of their hard work over the last few years has come together, and it’s great to have that recognised externally.

that makes us stand out, not just in projects like shop fitting and systems but also our people. We have a great team and you can see the results of that in our sales and our customer feedback.” Indeed, Powerhouse was recently a

finalist in the ‘Jersey Customer Service Awards’ in the Best Service From Retail category. One of the team, Richard Yeboah, also received a highly commended award for his personal

service, as demonstrated by the hundreds of positive customer comments about Richard on the retailer’s website and Facebook platform. The company values true customer

feedback; it has three ‘Happy or Not’ feedback stations at the exits to the store. Talking about this year’s virtual ERT

Awards event, Mr Murphy added: “For us, being on an island makes attending events quite difficult but I think there is room for both types of events in the future.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of the team! All of their hard work over the last few years has come together”

Congratulations to the team at Powerhouse, a very worthy winner in the Best Consumer Electronics Retailer category!

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