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Best Supplier Customer Service Winner Pik-a-Pak & Statesman Appliances


Pik-a-Pak, the SDA and white goods manufacturer and distributor, was founded in 1988; it is home to brands including Igenix and Statesman Appliances, offering more than 200 products in such categories as cooling, heating, cooking, refrigeration and laundry. Pik-a-Pak’s dedicated team prides

itself on its operational excellence which has seen the business win a number of leading industry awards for the service they offer their customers… and now that includes ERT. After more than 30 years the company

continues to grow and evolve, putting customers at the heart of everything it does. The team, which is based at Pik- a-Pak’s 4.5 acre site in East Anglia, despatches more than 2,000 pallets and 12,000 parcels per month. Collectively,

to their ever-changing needs. We feel that continually listening and communicating with our customers is the best way to ensure we are providing them with the best possible service. And I think that is why we stood out and were voted the winners in this competitive category.” And referring to the 2020 first ever

the company says its dedicated team of 90 employees have over 525 years of combined experience in the industry, meaning it can offer an “unrivalled”

customer experience. ERT readers agree. They voted Pik-

a-Pak and Statesman Appliances as the winner of the Best Supplier Customer Service category. Speaking after picking up the award,

Group Manager, Rebecca Batchelor, said that despite a very challenging year everyone at the company pulled together to ensure they continued to offer their customers the best level of service. “We are extremely proud of everyone

throughout the business who has contributed to the award-winning service that we provide,” Ms Batchelor added. “We always work closely with our customers to ensure we remain flexible

virtual ERT Awards, Ms Batchelor commented that the event was “well thought out and well received”. “It was a shame to not be able to join everyone at the event in person,” she

continued. “It’s important events like the ERT Awards take place every year. The ERT Awards gives businesses the

opportunity to be recognised for the service and products they deliver to their customers. The Awards encourages businesses to go above and beyond, which in turn pushes the whole industry forward.”

Samsung was voted as HIGHLY

COMMENDED in this category

“The ERT Awards encourages businesses to go above and beyond, which in turn pushes the whole industry forward”

We would like to congratulate the whole team at Pik-a-Pak for winning this prestigious Supplier Customer Service ERT award! Very well done!

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