January 2021

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Sales Excellence Award Winner Wendy Jordan

Abbey Appliances

“I am over the moon! It is such a fantastic accolade and very unexpected!”

Wendy Jordan has worked for Abbey Appliances for 16 years. “She is a much valued member of the team, having played an integral role within the business since its infancy and now being the primary sales contact,” the entry statement said for the 2020 ERT Awards. Ms Jordan has a wealth of home appliances knowledge and also understands products from a repair perspective; she advises customers from an educated, reasoned perspective with solutions that are specifically suited to their needs and budgets. The ERT Awards judges were

impressed that Ms Jordan’s average yearly sales for Abbey Appliances is

approximately 15 per cent of the entire turnover of the business. The entry statement added that over

the years she has helped her team deal with many challenges and changes but remained the back bone of the sales team throughout. “She is consistent, reliable and

trustworthy and this comes across, not only in the way she deals with customers, but also how she interacts with the team as a whole,” it said. The judges noted: “Wendy has played

an indispensable role in bringing Abbey Appliances to the forefront of the independent appliance retailer market in the UK. It’s so important to recognise all of her hard work and dedication to the business.”

Telling ERT how she felt about winning

the trophy for the Sales Excellence Award, Ms Jordan simply said: “I am over the moon! It is such a fantastic accolade and very unexpected!” When asked why she thought she

won, she added: “Perhaps having worked in appliance sales for such a long time, I have been able to show that I’ve learned and developed lots of different sales skills over the years. “All of the entries in this category this year

were worthy winners and I am honoured to have been nominated alongside them. I love dealing with our customers and I hope that really comes across.” Speaking about the importance of the ERT Awards continuing to recognise

success across the industry, Ms Jordan said it encourages the next generation of colleagues to strive to do more so that the industry remains exciting and keeps progressing. “I also believe that it allows

independent businesses like ours to be recognised amongst some of the bigger players, and that is so important,” she said. “I really hope that we can all be together again to celebrate in 2021.”


We were so pleased to present this award category. Massive congratulations to Wendy for winning this trophy!

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