Manufacturers are clearly paving the way for

truly connected appliances in the year ahead, with remote control and a whole host of other functions available now and on the horizon as well. “One of the great selling points of a connected

appliance is its ability to flex to consumer needs,” adds Mr Macdonald. “This, in-turn, enables retailers to really dig into individual requirements and demonstrate how the product(s) meet that. “When developing our Wizard (Hoover),

Simply-Fi (Candy) and hOn (Haier) apps, we made sure to create a ‘demo’ mode as part of the build as we knew how effective being able to demonstrate the appliances in action would be in helping retailers clinch a sale in a showroom environment. “Not only that, but as a consumer, being able


to physically interact with the app is the best way for them to see just how simple it is and how it would impact their lives personally.”

Keep cool Elsewhere in the refrigeration segment, but still on trend with sustainability features for the modern consumer, Hotpoint boasts a range of refrigeration technologies that work to provide enhanced food preservation and performance. “We foresee the reduction of food waste being

Whirlpool four-door fridge freezer. Above: Hisense fridge freezer.

a prominent trend in kitchen appliances throughout 2021,” says Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint Brand Manager. “The Hotpoint Class 7 fridge freezer [pictured right], for instance, includes Day 1 technology to give fresh food a longer life. The Fresh Zone+ compartment makes storing fresh fruit and vegetables truly effortless, while there’s also Fresh Zone 0 at zero degrees, perfect for storing meat and fish. “Furthermore,” continues Ms Garner, “Active

Oxygen technology enables more hygienic food storage by reducing bacteria formation by up to 90 per cent, creating the optimal storage conditions to keep food fresh for longer, which can make a real difference when it comes to reducing household food waste.” We can expect to see technologies like this really

come to the fore in the next year as consumers pay even closer attention to their carbon footprint and contribution to global waste levels. In addition, Hisense’s Mr Fletcher reveals to ERT that the company is currently working on

expanding its PureFlat refrigeration range with “an exciting new SKU” that offers something “really unique” to the Hisense white goods range, he says. “The product has been developed with a real

focus on style paired with fantastic technology that has been developed with the consumer in mind. Watch this space!” When asked how retailers can push ahead in

2021 and capitalise on consumers returning to stores, Mr Fletcher says that ensuring high quality visual aids are on offer (such as videos or AV) benefits the purchasing decision; how-to guides and animating key product specs are also great options. “Working with a chef or food influencer can

also help to create a content series or selection of recipes that consumers can then try at home. Here at Hisense we’ve utilised the power of influencer marketing with our recent Showtime campaign, working with influencers to create their own content whilst using our products. This allowed us to really show the variety of ways that these can be used and highlighting their USPs.”

Are you ready for the appliance energy re-labelling scheme coming on 1 March 2021?

Hoover’s Steve Macdonald: “We are more than ready for the energy relabelling scheme and have been preparing for it for 18 months. “As an AMDEA member, we’ve been working closely with the

association to help educate our employees and retailers on changes coming down the line and feel we are in a good position. Obviously, it’ll have an impact on the industry, but we hope that the clarity it will provide consumers with will make the transition worthwhile.”

Hotpoint’s Kimberley Garner: “Sustainability and energy efficiency have been growing trends in appliances for the past few years. “With the introduction of the new energy labelling system comes

new and tougher measurement methods, which will encourage the creation of increasingly resource efficient appliances and challenge all manufacturers to place a focus on energy and water efficiency. “Hotpoint is already developing its latest appliances with energy efficiency at the forefront of product development.”

January 2021

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