January 2021

“We expect that, as hygiene has moved high

up the consumer agenda, appliances with sanitisation programmes, whether they be on- product or available to download on connected appliances, will be in demand.” As it happens, Haier Europe introduced special

PPE washing cycles on Hoover and Candy’s latest smart laundry models – AXI, H-WASH, Smart Pro, Rapid’Ó and Bianca – offering a ‘Mask Sanitisation’ programme and ‘Mask Refresh’. What’s more, as consumers’ lives continue to

be busy – especially with the whole family being at home a lot more working and schooling – appliances that save time and make household duties less of a chore will remain in high demand. Indesit says it prides itself on developing

appliances with busy families in mind and has therefore launched a new range of EcoTime washing machines that can complete three full- load cycles in less than one hour, freeing up more time for the family to spend together. In addition, to ensure essential resources are

not wasted, the ‘A+++’ energy rated Indesit EcoTime machine boasts intelligent water balanced technology, which ensures the appliance uses just the right amount of water, whatever the size of load. There will no doubt be a lot of changes across

manufacturers’ product portfolios as a result of the energy labelling regulation changes, but eco conscious consumers have long been on their radars. As a key example, one of the main benefits of smart connected appliances is that users are able to monitor and track their appliance energy usage. There’s more about energy efficiency and appliance re-labelling over the page.

A recipe for success Elsewhere, when it comes to cooking, kitchen appliances are key to making the home experience better and easier for everyone. Whether consumers are seasoned cooks or just starting out, innovative technology and clever features can really help push their boundaries to create fantastic dishes.

Comments Nick Fletcher, Marketing Manager

at Hisense UK: “We focus on consumer-led product development so we can provide the best appliances for making everyday life that little bit easier. Take the ChefPro oven [above left] – it becomes your very own intelligent cooking assistant, recommending the best settings for your dish and offering the best results each time. Recent research by Whirlpool states that 49 per

cent of consumers postponed their planned purchase of a new cooking appliance last year, with 86 per cent of respondents noting the pandemic as the reason. Even more noteworthy, over a quarter of participants planned to invest in more appliances in the future. Whenever the UK eventually emerges from lockdown, it’s anticipated there will be noticeable increases in sales in the coming months. Indesit forecasts that built-in appliances are

likely to remain on-trend in 2021. The brand’s Aria built-in cooking collection guarantees highly pragmatic and reliable solutions for creating the best family recipes while saving time, money and effort. With the built-in simplicity and ease of use that is sought-after by all generations, the range is suitable for young families, first time buyers and the elderly alike. According to Tim Buszka, Head of Brand and

Digital at Whirlpool: “Multi-function ovens, such as the Whirlpool Absolute single multifunction oven, are firmly on the consumer’s radar and manufacturers have switched on to this. “Multi-function ovens now offer even more

technology and features than ever before to make life easier for the consumer in the kitchen. “Importantly, it is essential that the appliance

does the ‘thinking’ too, monitoring, adapting and controlling the processes to ensure that the consumer attains excellent results when cooking, with minimal effort.” Mr Macdonald also tells ERT that Hoover is

increasing its COLLECTION 3 range of cooking appliances with new hobs but also ovens with super cleaning functionality, Hydro easy clean steam, catalytic and pyrolytic models. Smart capabilities don’t escape the cooking

category either, as AEG’s Head of Product Line Kitchen, Sophie Davidson, explains: “AEG

anticipates connectivity playing a huge part in consumers’ lives in 2021. With buyers relying on technology more than ever, we anticipate the trend for smart kitchens to increase exponentially this year.” Ms Davidson points to AEG’s 9000 CookView

Oven (below) – “the ultimate intuitive appliance to help consumers immerse themselves in the cooking experience,” she says. The 9000 CookView Oven features not only

Wi-Fi connectivity but an internal camera for consumers to view into the oven itself using the My AEG Kitchen app. You can also change the cooking temperature and adjust the steam level automatically via the app, which also offers recipe inspiration and preparation tips. When it comes to food storage, AEG’s also got

it covered there, too. The 7000 Freestanding Refrigerator is another appliance in the AEG range that offers a plethora of smart features to aid the consumer. Connectivity pairing to phones, this appliance

offers a Smarter FridgeCam to allow the consumer to view what is inside the fridge without needing to physically open the door, which helps towards combating food wastage by not purchasing unnecessary groceries. Continues Ms Davidson: “With the aid of the

AEG My Kitchen app, consumers can monitor their food within the 7000 but there are also additional features such as Google Assistant voice control, Innit and Smarter, which gives users personalised assistance.”



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