Training Provider Award Winner Samsung TV AV Training Team

“This award is testament to the

team’s passion, determination and adaptability over the course of 2020”. Mr Smith said that getting the right


knowledge and information is crucial for Samsung’s retail partners to be able to sell the benefits of Samsung technology, as consumers today have access to multiple channels of information. “It’s really important that our retail

The Samsung TV AV training team has developed new ways of supporting training in recent difficult times. The manufacturing giant made as much content as possible available on its Samsung Academy – with added incentives to reward retail staff for interacting with the online platform; monthly draw prizes were ‘letter-box friendly’ so they could be posted directly to winners. Encouraging self-learning amongst its retail partners, the Academy was

packed with learning materials including training modules, trainer ‘how-to’ videos and, new for 2020, fundamental tech animations. Samsung also developed a virtual

training programme, where its Regional Trainers hosted sessions between 30 minutes and three hours from home via video conferencing. There is also the HILT (High Impact,

Low Time) Training Programme, working with awarding body, Highfield, bringing virtual training to life via a series of

“This award is testament to the team’s passion, determination and adaptability over the course of 2020”

interactive classroom-type workshops broadcast live from Samsung’s Meadlake Training Centre. The programme involved four 45-minute sessions covering the brand’s leading categories – all re- enforced with live demonstrations as well as quizzes, polls and ice-breakers to keep attention-spans fully charged. At the 2020 ERT Awards, Samsung’s

TV/AV Training Team was voted by retailers as the best Training Provider. Upon receiving the trophy, Rob Smith, Head of Training (TV AV) at Samsung Electronics UK, told ERT it was “a fantastic achievement”. “Like so many, our team had curated

training plans which were completely uprooted by the pandemic. As such, we took the decision to use the first lockdown period to focus on upskilling and to look at new, innovative ways of delivering training that works in an engaging and impactful way.

partners are able to bring to life, in store, how the Samsung products can really revolutionise the consumer experience. We listened to what our retailers wanted from training and the level of support they required in their stores, whilst creating bespoke training based on the current climate. Both of these, we believe, helped our Samsung TV AV Training team stand out. “In our industry, it’s important to

continually adapt, grow and learn, and the ERTAwards plays a huge part in this. The

event fuels both individuals and retailers across the UK to seek improvement year- on-year and ultimately strive for new and improved ways to service customers. “This year we had to adapt more

quickly than ever before; the attitude and flexibility of our team this year has been stand-out and we’re delighted that this has been recognised… Bring on 2021!”

Miele picked up the Highly Commended certificate in this category.

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