as ingredients being increasingly Halal certified. The report shows the opportunities in the sector, but also the challenges, and provides roadmaps for the private and public sectors to develop the sectors of the Islamic economy. The next report should be out in October 2021.

Halal ingredients focus In the midst of the emergence of the “Age of Belonging”, Citróleo and Citrobio received Halal Certification by CDIAL Halal. With the production plant fully certified, the company can now also provide the best of Brazil for the Muslim population, in a safe and inclusive way. Products that have Halal

certification are already known for their high quality, in addition to proven traceability throughout the chain, from raw material to distribution. The products of the Citróleo

Group add much more than just emolliency for formulations: as they are free from refining and obtained through cold pressing, they act as powerful actives, maintaining the natural technology of texture and performance of raw materials derived from Brazilian biodiversity. Citróleo Group’s 4 Halal

certified lines feature a range of products with multifunctional action, with vegan and eco- friendly actives: ■ The CitroForest Line is composed of vegetable oils and butters from Brazilian Biodiversity, rich in vitamins and natural biomolecules. ■ CitroGreen is a line dedicated to 100% natural and sustainable actives, with clinical tests of effectiveness. ■ Multifunctional essential oils is the specialty of the CitroEssential line. ■ Citróleo is recognised globally as a leading producer of Alpha Bisabolol Natural, and the company’s exclusive Citrue Bisabolol is one of the components of the CitroNature line. Pure products bring

extraordinary benefits claims such as growth, strengthening, protection, hydration, healing, deep cleansing and calming effect are some of the main actions of these products that have exclusive natural care technology. The Muslim beauty online

community offers a glimpse into PERSONAL CARE July 2021

ACT range gives DSM a broad and powerful portfolio of different hyaluronic acid forms that deliver on the most desired consumer benefits in skin care applications. In recent years, the importance

the growth potential of the Halal cosmetics industry. Although these cosmetics are already on the market, products that offer more practical solutions to suit the Muslim lifestyle are still few and far between each other. Halal cosmetics are also

pleasing to non-Muslim women, with products generally free of a range of chemicals and alcohol. DSM has studied hyaluronic acid’s beauty potential for years and while HA is known for its hydration properties and ability to combat skin dryness and dullness, especially as skin ages, it’s less well-known that different molecular weights can achieve a range of sought-after benefits. With the launch of the

new powerful HYA-ACT range, DSM unlocks the full potential of hyaluronic acid and complements its existing portfolio. The three hyaluronic acid forms, each providing key benefits, deliver the efficacy customers need and the beauty

boost consumers are seeking. HYA-ACT M Medium Molecular

Weight (MW 1.0-1.3 MDa) enhances skin hydration and strengthens the protective barrier. HYA-ACT S Small Molecular

Weight (MW 200-400 kDa) locks in moisture for an even greater hydration boost and calms reddened skin. HYA-ACT XS Very Small

Molecular Weight (MW 37-56 kDa) supplies a continuous burst of intense hydration and plumps out fine wrinkles. All three new HYA-ACT forms

are Halal certified, China compliant and certified microbiome-friendly, so they will not interfere with the growth behaviour of the natural skin biome. The new HYA-ACT line complements the existing high molecular weight variants of hyaluronic acid in DSM’s portfolio: Hyaluronic Acid-BT and HYASOL PF, which provide excellent short-term hydration power for perfectly moisturised skin. The launch of the new HYA-

of Halal certification has increased around the world. For cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients, foods and additives such as flavours, colourings or stabilisers, for meat, medical products or industrial raw materials, it is usually advantageous to have Halal certification, and it is required for export to Islamic countries. Düllberg Konzentra is now in a

position to have all relevant products Halal-certified. This certification by HQC is internationally recognised in all Islamic countries (including Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates). It enables the fragrance house to export Halal-certified perfume oils to more than 53 Islamic countries. The Halal certificate is already

available, so the use of the HQC Halal logo is the next logical step. In the future, it will communicate conformity with the Islamic purity laws and Halal guidelines on all of Düllberg Konzentra’s Halal products. HQC-Halal Quality Control is an independent, internationally recognised Halal certification organisation. HQC is internationally accredited by almost all Halal authorities and certification bodies, including MUI Indonesia, Jakim Malaysia, GAC GCC Gulf States, DAC and ESMA for UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, HAC Sri Lanka and many others.


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