12 NEWS New data reveals scalp hydration

When Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty (LLS Beauty) introduced Seascalp biomarine ingredient in 2019, it was praised for its ability to minimise the accumulation of sebaceous lipids and strengthen the skin barrier function for a healthy scalp. Now new testing has shown

that Seascalp biomarine ingredient delivers an additional benefit for the scalp. When used in a rinse-off application at lower concentrations, it reduced scalp oiliness while also boosting

hydration. The test involved 40 men

and women with dandruff. They applied a shampoo with 1% Seascalp biomarine ingredient or a placebo serum on the scalp, once every two days for 28 days. Different parameters were evaluated at the end of the treatment and two weeks later. Scalp moisturisation increased by 19% after 14 days, while scalp greasiness declined 9.4% during the same period. The 1% rinse- off application also resulted in a

21.5% decrease in the presence of dandruff after 14 days. The decline in dandruff adherence was 40.3% after 28 days and 37.9% two weeks post-use. “Dandruff can be embarrassing and a challenge to overcome. We’re pleased at the additional evidence that Seascalp biomarine ingredient is not only effective against dandruff, but promotes a healthy, vibrant scalp,” said Bianca McCarthy, PhD, global marketing manager, Active Ingredients, LLS Beauty.

Vision for sustainable industrial production

Recently in Germany, Dr Martin Brudermüller (BASF) and Dr Markus Krebber (RWE) presented a project idea that shows how industrial production can become sustainable and future-proof. In partnership with Chairman

of the Mining, Chemical and Energy Industries Union (IG BCE) Michael Vassiliadis, the project envisions an additional offshore wind farm with a capacity of 2 gigawatts (GW) to provide the Ludwigshafen chemical site with green electricity and enable CO2

free production of hydrogen. The aim is to electrify the

production processes for basic chemicals, which are currently based on fossil fuels. This will involve utilising CO2

-free -

technologies such as electrically heated steam cracker furnaces to produce petrochemicals. BASF is already working with partners on developing these technologies. To advance the joint project, the CEOs of BASF and RWE have signed a letter of intent covering a wide-ranging cooperation for the creation of additional capacities for renewable electricity and the

Renewable energy commitment

Solvay’s Climate & Energy Transition team has announced they have executed agreements with NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC to purchase EarthEra Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) under their EarthEra REC program.

This means that Solvay’s Aroma

Performance, Specialty Polymers and Novecare Global Business Units, along with their commitment to the Jasper solar project, will cover 100% of their site’s electricity purchases in North America with renewable energy starting in January 2021. “Having three of our energy-

transition-leading Global Business Units commit to the NextEra EarthEra REC program opens the doors for increasing benefits of the program for other Global Business Units to join,” said Ron B.


Johnson, Sustainable Environment & Climate CET Manager, North America, Solvay. “It’s exciting to have our business units commit to these bold sustainability goals and to have a long-term business partner and a program which

will support our expanding CO2 reduction business strategy at Solvay.” EarthEra is a renewable energy trust that is managed by an independent third-party trustee. Solvay USA, Inc will buy RECs from NextEra Energy Marketing under this program. The RECs Solvay will receive will be GreenE certified RECs; 100% of the funds generated from the sale of the RECs go to the development of new renewable projects. The EarthEra Trust has been approved to support the reduction of CO2

for meeting Solvay’s sustainability goals.

Dr Markus Krebber (RWE, left) Dr Martin Brudermüller (BASF, right)

use of innovative technologies for climate protection. “Together we want to accelerate the transition to a CO2

through electrification and through the use of CO2

-neutral chemical industry -free

hydrogen,” said Brudermüller and Krebber.

US sales office opens

KLK Oleo has opened a new sales office in the US, expanding its business footprint to include the Americas. KLK Oleo is a global

oleochemical producer, offering a range of innovative and sustainable products and solutions. The company manufactures beauty and personal care ingredients with proven performance, are environmentally friendly and support innovative formulations. It just expanded its business

footprint to the Americas with a new sales office at Woodbury, NY, USA. KLK Oleo Americas (KLKOA) will oversee the sales and marketing in the United States, Canada and South America maintaining and building new customer relationships for the KLK Oleo group product portfolio. KLKOA will create a local distribution network through storage locations across the US for packed and bulk materials to serve the customers in the Americas region with deliveries.

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