Faircracker This year’s Florida Federation of Fairs Annual Convention and

IAFE Zone 2 meeting will be held May 16th – 18th at the awesome Renaissance World Golf Village Resort in St. Augustine, Florida. The Convention is returning to this great resort which is close to St. Augustine and offers great places for dining and a beautiful city for exploring. Bill Olson and the Convention Program Committee have a great

Convention planned for you. The Committee has spent a great deal of time on this year’s event. Extra effort has been devoted to get topics from attendees to keep the Convention pertinent and timely with current issues. The schedule has been streamlined, with a new format for table topics which will now be “Discussions” and workshops that are more spread out so you won’t miss any! We are also delighted that Fairs from IAFE Zone 2 will be joining

us again! What a great way to network with other Fairs in the southeast as well as our own Florida Fairs. On Wednesday, May 16th, in addition to the Annual Giles Ellis

Golf Tournament which will be at one of the awesome local cours- es, there will also be a special event Wednesday which will be a Haunted Pub Tour! Both events will be fun and will be GREAT opportunities to get to meet other Fair folks as well as many of our associate members! So plan to come on Wednesday! More details will follow. Thursday’s program will feature one very specific, targeted topic

to provide an in-depth look at security issues. This topic will be discussed from Security Issues including Threats to fairgrounds in the age of social media; Making security and emergen- cy management policies and procedures that your staff can understand; Technology to help secure your fair- grounds; Solicitors/protestors at the fairgrounds. This is something that EVERY Fair needs to hear!! SO be sure to PLAN TO BE AT THE CONVENTION ON THURSDAY BY 1:00 PM for this important workshop and then the Trade Show Opening and the President’s Party that night. Thursday night’s President’s Party will be in honor of President

Paul Davis, and will be themed “Hollywood” – so come decked out in your best “Hollywood” attire to enjoy an evening of fun and fellowship as well as some showcases! New this year will be “discussion topics” that will be a little dif-

ferent format that round tables. We think it will be a more effec- tive way of discussing a topic. There will be 2 thirty minute ses- sions set up with the moderator in the front of the room to offer opening remarks on the topic and then guide the group through the discussion. So every discussion group will have to get into high gear to hear everyone’s ideas then move on to the next ses- sion to hear more great ideas! Friday morning also starts out immediately with workshops

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Florida Federation of Fairs Annual Convention

“It’s Showtime!” Meeting – May 16-18 and IAFE Zone 2

and discussion sessions and then flows into a new style Opening Session. Opening Session will be primarily fo- cused on our keynote speaker who is Aaron Alejandro with the Texas FFA Foundation. If you heard him at the IAFE Convention year before last you will know that this is something you don’t want to miss! His enthusiasm and

experience with “blow you away”! You won’t want to miss this! The lunch on Friday will again be in the Trade Show. This will

give everyone the chance to pick up a box lunch, find a quick place to eat, then enjoy the trade show as well as some great showcases, and the Great Cash Give Away - $1000 in cold, hard cash to be given away! It will make you want to stay till the END! The Trade Show will end the day with this year’s new “Happy Hour In The Trade Show” and then a free night for everyone to go out to enjoy dinner. There will be food, drinks, good company, and showcases. The Convention Committee also felt strongly that the way for

our Associate members to get more involved with our Fairs is to participate more in our workshops and round tables. So, the Sat- urday morning sessions will feature topics of interest to both Fairs and Associates and the trade show will be closed until after lunch. Then, you’ll have some final time in the Trade Show Saturday afternoon to “finish up your business” as well as a few dynamic final workshops to close out the program! Another feature for Saturday’s workshops will be a really in-

depth workshop on Animal Welfare or Animal Rights – The True Story – Protecting The Culture of Our Fair and Shows. And the grand finale will be Saturday night’s “Gala” with “Lights!

Camera! Gala! – so plan on putting on your “fancy duds” and join- ing us for a spec- tacular presenta- tion of awards, showcases, and our presentation of the Hall of Fame and Associ- ate of the Year recipients. Make plans now

to attend! Be sure to see the full program listed on pages 7 and 8 in this issue of the newsletter as well as on the Federa- tion website:

See you in St. Augustine!

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