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SPN APR 2010 ShowReview


New for 2010 and seen at SPATEX, the Dolphin Hybrid is an automatic suction cleaner that provides comprehensive and systematic cleaning of pools up to 12m. With a compact light-weight design (only 3.7 kg), it requires a minimum of 0.5hp pump and comes complete with 10 hoses (each measuring 1.7m). Its unique active brushing system means that it cleans every inch of the pool and does not have the ‘sticking’ problems that can be associated with some suction cleaners.


Certikin followed on its ‘green’ profile which dominated its annual seminars earlier this year by taking the same theme to SPATEX. Certikin, along with its supplier Calorex, took centre stage on the largest stand and received much interest including a significant number of new enquiries. High on the agenda and demonstrating the company’s ‘green’ credentials were energy saving products such as the much talked about Heatwave insulated panel pool, new LED lights and Calorex ground and air source heat pumps.

Managing Director, Neil Murray said: “The Sunday of SPATEX proved to be the busiest, there was scarcely a moment when the stand wasn’t buzzing with people. Whilst some companies decided to stay away this year we felt that we were vindicated in making the decision to attend as it proved very worthwhile, both in touching base with our existing customers and establishing new leads.” Feedback from delegates who attended Certikin’s seminars in Maidstone, Taunton and Warwick surpassed expectation. A fantastic 100% of delegates replied on feedback forms that they enjoyed the seminars, would recommend them to colleagues and would attend future events. ‘We would like to see more seminars in the future as they are the best in the industry’ and ‘A really informative and enjoyable day’, were typical of the many welcome comments.

Neil is cautiously upbeat about 2010: “A lot of work is beginning to come in and with the news that the UK has officially broken the cycle of recession there is a sense that we are at last on the road to recovery. Of course a long hot summer would help as well.”

Its many handy features include an indicator light to help the user know when the unit requires attention e.g. if the filter needs backwashing. It is extremely DIY maintenance friendly as it takes only two minutes to strip down and four minutes to reassemble. The Hybrid uses water flow to generate sufficient electricity to power the PCB which enables the unit to have systematic scanning and therefore clean the entire pool. It even has a two minute built-in sensor to ensure the unit does not stay in any one position for too long.


Certikin’s energy saving Endless Summer Heatwave pool had a high profile at the show with the emphasis on its patented thermal insulated panels designed to trap heat in the pool and keep the surrounding cold out. The pool was marketed at the show along the other ‘green themes’ from Certikin. The Heatwave pool has been developed with a unique system of wall panels which guarantee energy savings. Certikin claims the system can reduce heat loss through the walls and floor by 90% compared to a conventional block and liner construction



Certikin announced the arrival of the luxurious Iberspa Galileo – a three spa collection with the top of the range Galilieo Gannymede, with ‘his and her’ loungers, comfortably seats six people. Attention has been paid to every detail and the custom moulded loungers are specially designed to accommodate taller people giving them the room to relax and stretch out. Its high technical specification includes three 2hp massage pumps, 1.2kW air blower, five silent air venturi controls, 50 jets and 24 air nozzles to ensure an unparalleled hydrotherapy experience. The spa shouts luxury with features such as a waterfall, digital controls, stainless steel jets, aromatherapy, ozonator and colour changing LED lights as standard. The cabinets are made of synthetic wood and come with a rigid cover for when the spa is not used.

The second spa in the range, the Callisto, is the most popular with each of its six seats individually designed to give a slightly different hydrotherapy experience and it even has a captain’s chair massage! It boasts 42 jets, 10 air nozzles, 2 x 2hp massage pumps, 900W air blower and a 3kW heater. Again, aromatherapy, ozonator, colour changing LED lights and stainless steel jets are all standard. For the high spec package it delivers, the price is hard to beat.

Designed for couples and small families, the Europa is a three seater that also works as a double lounger, either face to face or side by side. Very competitively priced, its line-up includes 19 jets, 10 air nozzles, digital controls, a waterfall, 2hp massage pumps, a 900W air blower plus aromatherapy, ozonator and colour changing LED light.


EWAC from Holland were a first time exhibitor at the show who showed a working model of their advanced design of Moving Pool Floors. It shows the clever design of the floor system, where all the technical bits and pieces are integrated in the platform. This saves money servicing the system because it is not necessary to send divers into the pool for maintenance. The water hydraulic system uses ordinary tap water, so in the event of leakage the pool water will never be polluted by the commonly used hydraulic oil or glycol. The plant room needed for the system is only one metre square!

EWAC have 30 years experience in the manufacture of quality moving pool floors, with a huge customer reference list in the medical sector, and recently installed their first in the UK at Barrs Court School, Hereford. Coming from the medical sector, where hygiene is paramount, EWAC is now tapping into the growing market from swimming pool owners.

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